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The 4 Marketing Metrics Mandates

4 marketing metrics mandates

There are four mandates that companies are adopting when they are examining and analyzing the success of their online marketing and social media programs. I recently gave a presentation to the Measured Marketing Roundtable at Techpoint, Indiana’s technology and economic development association, that outlines these new metric must-dos. The 4 Modern Metrics Mandates View more […]

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Are We Making Our Fans Work Too Hard?


Just because you CAN do something in social media, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. This point was driven home for me recently when reading an AdAge article about CKE Restaurants (Carl’s Jr. and Hardees) launching their own mobile loyalty cards via iPhone and Android app. “As far as we know, we’re the first quick-service restaurant to […]

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Maybe You’re Just Not Ready for Social Media

Affinia Hotel

My Mom is a legendary high school English teacher. I took three classes she taught, including one where we studied Oedipus Rex and the difference between seeing and perceiving, which has widespread business and social media implications. Sometimes our brands write checks our operations simply can’t cash. I was in New York last week to […]

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Brand Haiku – Delta

stone lantern

Today, I’m participating in a project with 20+ other bloggers. Each of us is writing a haiku about a recent experience we’ve had with a brand. Devised by the crafty Aaron Strout from Powered, this Brand Haiku initiative is set up so that you can link from here to the next blogger on the chain, […]

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Is Twitter Advertising a Threat to PPC?

(20) Twitter _ Home

Guest post by Shannon Suetos, an expert writer on phone systems based in San Diego, California. She writes extensively at Resource Nation. Back in February of 1998, Jeffrey Brewer of first presented the concept of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) at the TED conference. Google started implementing search engine ads in December of 1999, and by […]