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Value + Offer: The 3 Levels of Blended Content

blended content

Guest post from Russ Henneberry, who writes, speaks and executes on content marketing plans for small businesses. He writes a daily blog about how tiny businesses can make mighty profits using a personal computer, a little imagination and a few well placed dollars. Companies must now create their own attention to promote products and services. […]

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Will Geo-Targeting Jump Start Twitter Advertising

twitter advertising open for business on geo-location

Guest post from Matt Krautstrunk, an expert on VOIP phone systems based in San Diego. He writes extensively at Resource Nation. When it comes to small business advertising, social holds seemingly endless opportunity. Small business owners are not only experimenting with social advertising, but they are investing in social even more so than other, more […]

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Using Location-based Services for Content Marketing


Sure, location-based services like Foursquare are great for customer engagement and loyalty rewards. But they are also potential sources of great content. When we say “content creation” what we usually think of is the company in question creating informational materials themselves, and putting that information on a website, blog, and/or YouTube. But when you look […]

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Why Won’t Facebook Give Us a Love Button?

facebook love button

Last week, Facebook celebrated the one year anniversary of the “like” button, the popular successor to the “fan” button, and the tip of the spear of its Open Graph gambit that it hopes will allow it to become the plumbing of the Web. By any measure, the “like” button is a smash hit. It is […]