When a Picture is Truly Worth 1,000 Words

when a picture is truly worth 1000 words

Guest post by Aaron Strout, head of location-based marketing at global agency WCG. He blogs at Citizen Marketing 2.1. There is a lot of excitement these days about the potential of location-based services among marketers and social media professionals. For anyone that doesn’t know what a location based service is, it’s an application or website […]

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Measuring Facebook Fan Engagement Beyond the Like

Bulbstorm Facebook Engagement Funnel

Guest post from Matt Simpson, interactive marketing director for Bulbstorm. Bulbstorm executes campaigns for brands seeking to create passionate bonds with consumers. Not long ago, the ultimate measure of a successful Facebook promotion was fan growth. That was sooooo 2010. Fan growth is simply not enough. Disagree? Throw out a sweepstakes app, dangle a free […]

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Google, Social Media, and the Wisdom of Enigmas

Google Billboard

Guest post by Daniel Lemin of marketing innovation consultancy Social Studio. He provides brands and agencies with the research, insights and good old-fashioned know-how needed to be more effective marketers. In the early part of my career I was fortunate to land a job on the corporate marketing team at Google. At the time I […]

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6 Ways to Show You Give a Damn in a Job Interview

job interview

Guest post by Elizabeth Sosnow, Managing Director of BlissPR, a New York City based public relations firm. She develops and supervises strategic communications programs for major companies in professional and financial services, with a particular emphasis on the legal, consulting and insurance industries. He was an intelligent, well qualified senior candidate. Over the course of […]

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100% of Marketing Stats Are Made of Numbers

question heads

Guest post by Jeff Rohrs VP of Marketing Research and Education at ExactTarget. Jeff is also co-author of the ExactTarget/CoTweet SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS Research Series. Jay Baer has made a terrible mistake. He has gone on vacation and invited me to guest blog again. After my critically-acclaimed & Tony-award nominated post last year—“3 Reasons […]

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How to Market to People Not Like You

how to market to people not like you

Sometimes business success isn’t about changing the message, but rather changing the market. That’s the premise of the new book How to Market to People Not Like You: “Know It or Blow It” Rules for Reaching Diverse Customers(amazon link), written by my friend Kelly McDonald. Bursting with fascinating anecdotes, sound advice, and interesting facts about […]