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Botox For Your Web Site


Make these changes now to improve online results Thousands of Web sites built circa 2000-2002 are showing signs of wear and fatigue like a dot com Larry King. Today’s trend is away from flashy, narcissistic pandemics about why YOUR bolt and fastener company is the BEST, and toward obvious, easy-to-use, functional Web sites that respect […]

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Top 5 Pay Per Click Mistakes

Internet ads are not equal. On the low end of the effectiveness scale you have banner ads. The original champion of interactive marketing, standard banners are now the “ER” of the Internet – a washed up parody scratching and clawing to remain relevant. In the opposite corner you have pay-per-click advertising (PPC), the American Idol […]

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Actions not Words: Most web sites can’t get visitors to do much of anything. How about yours?

In comparison to their human counterparts, Web sites have certain advantages as sales representatives for your company. They work 24×7, don’t complain about the commission structure, and don’t expense $273 for dinner with “Paul” the imaginary new business prospect. But otherwise, Web sites are generally terrible salespeople. Nearly all Web sites have (or should have) […]

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Making a List: Clicking it Twice

Consumers visit a limited number of Web sites each month. How can you make your site one of them? In the American way of thinking, if some is good, more must be better. Anything useful or interesting gets proliferated until it reaches gluttonous proportions. Cereal is good. But do we need nearly 100 varieties? How […]

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Pop Up Ads: Necessary Evil, or Just Evil?

Adaptability may be the hallmark of the Internet advertising industry. Each time consumers start to tune out one type of online ads, another rises up to take its place. Like primitive amphibians, the Internet ad types continue to evolve based on market conditions and consumer acceptance. Perhaps the most insidious of these new ad types […]

Digital Marketing Thought to be dead, Internet advertising is back

Ridiculed by most ad agencies, the media and nearly every major company that doesn’t sell technology, Internet advertising has endured a tough couple of years. After actually decreasing by 24.8% from 2000 to 2002, total U.S. Internet advertising expenditures are anticipated to be $8.1 billion this year. It’s an increase of 6.3% over last year, […]


5 Rules for Safely Using the Awesome Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing rocks. Originally maligned as invasive and offensive, email is now the leading interactive marketing technique. Why has it become so popular? Why will billions of promotional email messages be sent out this month? Three reasons: – The precipitous drop-off in effectiveness of banner ads forced interactive marketers to try more email campaigns. – […]