Don’t Let Thumbs Dominate Mobile Marketing

The Tyranny of Thumbs

I don’t mean to scare you or create undue cause for alarm, but there are enemies in our midst. Enemies that operate with such stealth that we fail to see the power they wield over the majority of our marketing efforts today. Enemies so cunning they have convinced us that they’re on our side–like Nationwide. […]

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The Power of Brand

As a recovering attorney who dabbled in trademark law back in the day, I have long respected the power of brand. Brand cuts through clutter. It transforms the mundane into the emotional. It raises expectations. The best brand stewards understand that they aren’t responsible for protecting mere words, symbols, and sounds. They’re responsible for delivering […]

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100% of Marketing Stats Are Made of Numbers

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Guest post by Jeff Rohrs VP of Marketing Research and Education at ExactTarget. Jeff is also co-author of the ExactTarget/CoTweet SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS Research Series. Jay Baer has made a terrible mistake. He has gone on vacation and invited me to guest blog again. After my critically-acclaimed & Tony-award nominated post last year—“3 Reasons […]