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Agencies: Walk Your Talk

The Scout

Marjorie Clayman is the resident blogger at She works at Clayman Advertising, Inc., her family-owned full-service marketing firm. Recently, Jay wrote a post here called The Only 4 Reasons agencies Should Care About Their Own Content. In addition to making me think about the specific content marketing angle, Jay’s post brought to mind what may be a key […]

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6 Critical Services Agencies Must Provide to Stay Relevant in Social Media

6 critical agency services

Is there a future for agencies in a social media world? Yesterday, I gave a presentation in Tempe, AZ to Agencyside, a conference of advertising and PR agency owners. I emphasized that to remain relevant, agencies must differentiate themselves by providing advanced social media services, not just the basics. An Enormous Opportunity The huge (and […]

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7 Ingredients in the Perfect Twitter Profile


People are drinking the Twitter Kool-Aid like it’s the last day before Prohibition. It’s fantastic that so many are finding value in something so simple that can be so powerful.  But many in the latest wave (more like a tsunami) of Twitterers seem to be overlooking a fundamental premise of the Twitter follower/following paradigm, which […]

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The Social Networking Friendship Development Scale


It used to be that you actually met someone in person first, and then developed and nurtured that relationship into its natural culmination – helping them move. The Web and social networking has changed that, and now friendships are developed in a variety of digital forums, eventually moving offline and becoming three dimensional. Below are […]