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Why Email Volume Won’t Decrease

There have been several blog posts and predictions recently (most notably this one from Ryan Holmes, the CEO of Hootsuite) prognosticating that email volume will diminish in 2013, as consumers make greater use of collaborative messaging tools like Chatter and Yammer. I don’t buy it. See this week’s The Baer Facts (a weekly video rant […]

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Email Isn’t Dead Among Facebook’s Exec Team

Even Facebook Loves Email

One of the great modern mysteries is how so many people legitimately believe that social media is “killing email” when nothing could be further from the truth. Social media and email are complementary tools, and it’s no accident that you can’t even SIGN UP for a social network without an email address. There’s been a […]

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Invitation Avalanches, Attention Infidelity, and the Science of the Social Break-Up

The Social Break-Up

Is the golden goose poisoned before it’s even an adult? The current relationship between companies and consumers via social media and email is unsustainable. The backlash has begun, and abuse of any one channel has a spillover effect on consumer attitudes toward other channels. That’s one of my main takeaways from fascinating new research from […]

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Mistake Math – Why We’re Valuing Facebook Fans All Wrong

facebook success metrics old yeller

Part 2 of a 3-Part Rant Brands are shouting from the rooftops about how many Facebook fans they have – and the number of “likes” does help you spread your message through the news feeds of your fans (more on that tomorrow). But let’s recognize it takes literally one click of one finger to “like” […]

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Why Social Supports Email in the Interactive Marketing Hub

why social supports email in the interactive marketing hub

A big distinction between email marketing and social media marketing is the difference between actual audience and potential audience. Email is all about actual audience. If someone signs up for your email updates when you send one out, that person will receive it in almost every case. Will that open it? Approximately 25% of the […]