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May I Contact You Please? The Evolution of Permission

evolution of permission

Guest post by Doug Wick (@dougwick), who thinks a lot about marketing and is a Director of Business Development for Powered, a social marketing company in Austin, TX. He writes frequently for Powered’s blog, The Engaged Consumer, and at In the past decade of direct marketing online, the focal point has become contacting consumers […]

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Your ESP has ESP – Use It

Email marketing ESP

Is there a marketing medium in history as routinely underutilized as email? Not in terms of volume – few folks outside prison are clamoring for more messages in their inbox. But in terms of using the full capabilities of the medium, the vast majority of email marketers are just scratching the surface, and I don’t […]

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Twitterati Says Email Isn’t Dead Yet – 6 Findings


Every conference I’ve been at, and at least 10 blog posts I’ve read this year have proclaimed the death of email. Social network messaging, and its 1:1 relevancy and real-time immediacy will inexorably make email the Edsel of digital communication, goes the theory. It’s not true. Firstly, this isn’t a zero sum game. The notion […]

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Sloths Die. Why I Want My Guacamole NOW


Is your email list acquisition program too slow? If you’re going to ask consumers to divulge personal information in exchange for a special offer, the chances that your customers will participate go up dramatically if you fulfill your end of the bargain with haste. If I sign up to download a Webinar, I get access […]

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Cross-Pollinate Search and Email


Email marketing and search marketing have often been looked at as being at opposite ends of the digital marketing spectrum. Email used as a loyalty and retention tool, with search used as an acquisition tactic. But that thinking prevents the results from those marketing efforts informing and improving one another, and the opportunities in that […]

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Social Media Adds Viral Frosting to the Email Cake


Are you enabling your email subscribers to spread your message via social media? Call it Forward to a Friend 2.0. Call it the inevitable marriage of two sides of the customer relationship coin. Call it the next big thing in email marketing. The hand-wringing in the email community about the impact of social media is […]

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Red Robin’s Email Program Has a Broken Wing


By all accounts, Red Robin is very successful restaurant chain. With hundreds of locations nation-wide and well-deserved plaudits for their Unbridled Acts customer service program, Red Robin has it together. (try the Bonzai Burger, Bruschetta Chicken Burger, and the Tower of Onion Rings). But the Red Robin customer loyalty messaging program is far less than it […]

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Email Unsubscribes – Embrace Those Who Reject You

Flickr image by Cheetah100

A long-standing “success metric” in email marketing is the unsubscribe ratio. Like telling children that their pet fish is “just sleeping” the “unsubscribe ratio” is a euphemism. Your unsubscribe ratio is the percentage of people who receive your email that have gotten so tired or frustrated with your program that they simply can’t take it […]