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Tying Together Social Media and Corporate Social Responsibility

corporate social responsibility

Guest post by Laura Hall, Managing Partner at PainePR. She leads the agency’s social media group, and has more than 20 years experience in consumer, technology, B2B and social media marketing. As the world continues to watch the devastation caused by the BP oil spill, it shines the light much brighter on the impact that […]

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Driving Sales with Relevancy and Utility


Guest post by Jeff Molander, professor of digital marketing at Loyola University’s School of Business, public speaker and author of a forthcoming book aimed at improving digital marketing results. Find him at In this economy need is the new want. And exceptional businesses are realizing tangible, meaningful outcomes using social media & mobile marketing. […]

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Delivering Happiness Delivers Indeed

Delivering Happiness

Yes, nice guys can finish first. This is the overarching theme of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s new book Delivering Happiness, a Path to Passion, Profits, and Purpose. Released today (I was given a free, preview copy), Delivering Happiness chronicles the rise of Zappos from a half-baked notion to multi-billion dollar pinnacle of high touch customer […]

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Digital and Dollars – Successfully Adding Online Marketing to Your Agency Services


I recently returned from my first-ever trip to beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. I was there speaking at the Counselor’s Academy PRSA annual conference. (Counselor’s Academy is the section of PRSA for owner’s of small and medium independent agencies). One of the highlights of my trip was conducting a breakout session with my good friend and […]

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The Key to Social Media Success is Just 2 Letters


I’m sitting in a restaurant in Cincinnati recently, surrounded by televisions with the sound turned down. The bartender approaches, and asks if I’d like to hear the TV. I say “sure” expecting him to saunter over to a monitor, and turn up the volume. Instead, he reaches under the bar, and pulls out a Soundog […]

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Get Your Social Media Story Straight


This is the best ad I’ve seen in months. The chronically bad Minnesota Timberwolves NBA franchise has this sign in the Twin Cities airport: Bravo. Talk about an ad that’s chock full of truth and authenticity. The team’s record for the last five years: 2009-10 (14-60) so far 2008-09 (24-58) 2007-08 (22-60) 2006-07 (32-50) 2005-06 […]