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Infographic – 86 Percent of Users May Leave a Website When Asked to Create an Account


Convince & Convert sponsor and provider of social media sign-on technology Janrain has put together some research on user behavior around online web forms and registration pages. Have you considered the value that registration forms are creating (or taking away) from your website? Here’s what they found: Download this infographic as a PDF –

Social Media Research

Study: Online Lead Generation and the Growth of Your Service Firm

Hinge Marketing Online Marketing Study

Many of you don’t need convincing that online marketing works. SEO, content marketing, and social media are proven techniques for generating leads online. But for professional services firms already generating leads via traditional marketing tactics, is an online focus really necessary? If you are an architect, accountant, lawyer, or other professional service provider, you’ve got […]

Social Media Research

11 Shocking New Social Media Statistics in America

Social Media Statistics Twitter Users Lean Towards teh Democratic Party

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Social Media Research

Remembering the Dangers of Social Media Research

This one is true. I just know it.

Numbers don’t lie. But sometimes we lie to ourselves about what numbers represent. Last week, I wrote a post about new research from ExactTarget that studied Americans’ digital channel preferences. It was a lengthy report, but what stood out for me was the finding that only 5% of us prefer promotional offers from brands to […]

Social Media Research

New Research: Americans Hate Social Media Promotions

subscribers fans followers

Among other disruptive characteristics that have altered the nature of business forever (real-time interaction, every customer is a reporter, customer service is a spectator sport, etc.) a major way that social media changes the game is the Democratization of Voices. Your Company Needs to Be Human Because You’re Competing with Humans Social media is the […]

Social Media Research

If You’re B2B, What Day You Tweet Doesn’t Matter

B2B Twitter Timing

(at least on weekdays) On Thursday October 27, join me and my friends at Argyle Social for a valuable (yet free) Webinar that puts some of the big questions about social media timing under the experimental microscope. Register here We’ll cover a lot of ground about when’s the best time for Twitter and Facebook communication […]