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The Chicken and the Egg Social Media Conundrum

Smokin Chicken on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

There are many ways social media differs from traditional marketing. It’s approachable and human. It’s a two-way dialog, rather than unilateral declarations. It treats the customer as a teammate, rather than a target. But there’s another big difference. In social media, the audience comes after the message, not before. Remember that when you buy a […]

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Take Off the Social Media Blindfold


Among the many exceptionally interesting data snacks in the recent MarketingProfs’ State of Social Media report is one showing that businesses of all sizes and types are primarily using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and blogging. And while it’s on one hand a positive that we’re stating to see some norms and best practices emerge within […]

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US Speedskating Finds Fans In Social Media


Did you know the United States Speedskating team has won 75 Olympic medals, making it the most successful U.S. winter Olympics sport? But the global economic bear doesn’t take medal count into consideration, and last year the speedskating team was without a title sponsor when Dutch bank DSB went bankrupt. (Why a U.S. bank didn’t […]

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Should a Blog be Your Social Media Hub?

blog social media hub

The divine corporate blogging expert Debbie Weil recently asked this question on her blog, as part of a Kindle version refresh of her excellent book “The Corporate Blogging Book.” Debbie asked me to think about whether a blog should be the social media hub – your epicenter, the place where you’re trying to bring your […]

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HARO Gets Serious About Crowd Sourced Journalism


Help A Reporter Out (HARO), the uber-simple brainchild of hyper-active, skydiving, PR wild child Peter Shankman has gone big-time. Born humbly as a simple way for reporters to connect with potential sources, HARO has grown to more than 50,000 participating reporters, with 150,000 people receiving three daily emails stuffed with requests for sources. Not surprisingly, […]

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Trey Pennington – The Twitter 20 Interview About Social Media and Humanity

dr trey pennington

Dr. Trey Pennington has a full plate. He has an active consulting practice, a forthcoming book called “Spitball Marketing”, a blog, an online radio show (the must-listen “Social Media Professor“), and a Facebook page. He’s also founded several Social Media Clubs world-wide, and is active in a bunch of local and South Carolina organizations. (He’s […]

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The World Really is Flat – Crowd Sourced Design Rules

eBook Design for Social Media Superstars | a crowdSPRING 2.0 PowerPoint Project | 2.0-50

I’ve finally collected enough of my Twitter 20 interviews (live interviews with social media luminaries, conducted on Twitter) to create an ebook. I re-read every interview, and picked out the highlights. The best, most intriguing answers. I then categorized the answers topically: brand communities, PR, content creation, social CRM, etc. The next big challenge was […]

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Trident Integrates Social Media with Print Ads

Trident layers

I promised you a couple weeks ago that in 2010 I would focus on social media integration and real business. Well, I’m starting a little early. Trident has released a new gum called Trident layers, which appears to be some sort of neapolitan ice cream-type multi-flavor concoction. (Personally, I’m okay with my gum tasting like […]

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Operationalize Social Media

builder people

This post was written originally for Valeria Maltoni’s excellent new ebook about marketing in 2010. It includes terrific, thoughtful insights from Shannon Paul, Olivier Blanchard, Danny Brown, Amber Naslund, Jackie Huba, Gavin Heaton, Mark Earls, Rachel Happe, Jonathan MacDonald, and of course Valeria herself. Download it for free right here. Change Is At Hand Marketing […]