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Don’t Be a Content Marketing Grinch

This is the first of what I hope will be a regular series of Webinines: short Webinars of 9 minutes or fewer.

Because it’s seemingly 150 degrees throughout most of the country, I went with a cool weather holiday theme on this one.

Your Content Should Be Centralized and Decentralized

The default state for most content marketing initiatives is to focus on content that we OWN, that resides on web properties we control. Web pages, white papers, and PDFs that live on our own dot com address. This is a legacy mentality that is left over from the days when “website traffic” was the coin of the realm.

When you’re focused on getting eyeballs to your owned content, there are only a few primary ways to accomplish this:

  • search
  • links in social shown to your opt-in fans
  • email
  • direct URL entry

In each of these circumstances, the people visiting your site are largely aware of you already. The chances of you winning a click in search go up dramatically if the searcher knows your brand. All those people you interact with in social media? They already know your brand. Your email subscribers? Same thing. And especially direct URL entry….nobody is just randomly guessing your website address.

So to prevent the artificial truncation of your audience, you need both centralized content (that you own), and decentralized content (that you don’t own).

Be A Digital Dandelion

The key is to get more bait in the water, because every place and every way that you tell your story online is another opportunity for people who don’t already know you to find you. And, it’s another opportunity for your most important customer (Google) to find you, too.

In addition to driving traffic to your own website via search and email, etc. you could take that content (or a variation of it) and:

And that’s just scratching the surface. Each and every time you decentralize your content, you make it findable by people who don’t know you yet, and that’s how you drive your business forward – not by preaching to the choir.

How are you decentralizing your content marketing?

And how do you like the Webinine concept?

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  1. jasonaut says

    I mostly make videos, post to my site and in multiple video channels, and allow them to be widely distributed and embeddable. This lowers my site traffic, but I think the real value of anything is in the content rather than the location. In the same way that mobile phones have freed us from geography (calling an individual rather than a location), the new Web allows us to reach individuals where they are.

  2. Gestalt says

    @SteadyRain @jaybaer You had me until you used the word “Webinar”. What a douchey word. And then you made a variation of it! Double douche!

  3. says

    This is a nice, condensed way to explain to people how getting what you know out there, (rather than protecting it like Fort Knox) actually builds rather than hurts business. As far as the webinine, I’m glad you included a text discussion actually. Sometimes I watch videos, but sometimes it’s faster to read/skim text. Having both is beneficial in my opinion.

  4. LisaHoffmann says

    @jaybaer I mean it! Your blog is one of the very few I always read. You really bring it. Thank you.

  5. travelgrdnsbuzz says

    @GardenJunkie1 RT Share other people’s content, as well as your own –Agreed … wish it could be shared more.

  6. mariareyesmcdavis says

    This is great, I always tell clients to use the Hub-and-Spoke approach, outposting (fishing where the fish are) is critical to getting found and getting outside of the fishbowl :-)

    • birdbathbuzz says

      @emilyshearing That’s very cool! Good luck and maybe you can make our next @ROCTweetup on 9/15… Will be a great time!

  7. ConorDeane says

    Great forum. What is your opinion on Facebook losing out to Google+? I am promoting Facebook with a client at the moment who is spending thousands per month on this. SHould they be heading over to Google+ and be building it’s fan base over there?

  8. ShanikaJourney says

    I like the webinine idea. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Cool idea and a much faster way to share content. And I most certainly agree – we have to spread our content out. The only thing I don’t get is some businesses don’t like sharing other people’s content on their stuff as well. That’s where I feel their inner Grinch comes in.

  9. CassieWitt says

    Very cool! I love the Webinine concept. Also, that is a very good point. I think the main barrier to doing what you suggest is the time factor. It takes more time, obviously, to repurpose your original content and post to different sites. However, if it gets you more “fish” why not take the extra time to do it. As you pointed out getting more eyeballs on your content will make your best customer “Google” happier, and we can all do with a little more Google happiness in our lives. :)

  10. says

    I will be grinchy. I don’t like the webinar. The reason is that I share an office. Can you pleeze put transcripts? I know it’s a hassle but the army on Fiverr wants to do it for you.

  11. MatchesMalone says

    I’m glad someone came along and did this, as I seldom have the time for anything longer than five or ten minutes. Also going to work on the decentralizing aspect of what I’m doing. Need a guest post? 😉

  12. HotSpotPromo says

    Great article, Jay. Not much into the video as you force me to sit still and listen for a certain amount of time. I’d rather scan and glean. It’s well done, though. I do like that you give me the choice!

  13. LeCompany says

    Jay, this is dope – the format and the message. Question: if we get a repeat Indiana winter this time around, will you drop your insights with a tropical theme? 😉

  14. letstalkandchat says

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  15. says

    Jay, as per usual this is right on the money but a technicality worth addressing: The ever-awesome Google Knol ‘evolves’ into Annotum in a few weeks time. Here’s the all-important segue URL:

    I love how you frame content marketing. I guess we have to dumbify a little to reach the masses – expressing your expertise is where it’s at, or at least, I hope so – otherwise this darn book may never get published!

    Thanks again for the mindshare.

  16. John Mihalik says

    Loved this Jay! Excellent length too. You make a great point, content is something to be scattered about, not just on your website. Thanks!

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