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A Day I’ll Always Remember

And as one chapter ends, another begins.

Today is the official release date of The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter & More Social, my new book co-written with my friend Amber Naslund about how companies need to retool from the inside out to meet the real-time business challenges presented by social media.

Many of you have purchased the book, and I thank you vigorously. Some of you have received it and have begun reading it. Fingers are crossed that you’ll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing it. And that it will make you think about where the social Web is taking companies next.

Tremendous thanks also to the whole team at Wiley for making the book a reality.

As the subtitle indicates, the book presents 7 shifts that businesses need to make to capitalize on the speed and fluidity of an era when every customer is a potential reporter and every employee is a potential marketer.

1. Engineer a New Bedrock

Without a consistent, powerful corporate culture you can’t win in real-time

2. Find Talent You Can Trust

Moving fast requires empowering employees to make quick, smart decisions. That impacts HR and hiring. A lot.

3. Organize Your Armies

How social media and social participation are organized and managed interlay.

4. Answer the New Telephone

The art, methods, and pay-offs of meaningful social listening.

5. Emphasize Response-Ability

Responding to customer inquiries on the social Web, but also moving beyond that to creating your own stories and conversations.

6. Build a Fire Extinguisher

How to find, judge, and solve a social media crisis.

7. Make a Calculator

The many ways you can measure social media, and how to select and utilize the most appropriate metrics for your company.

Each shift concludes with a step-by-step process guide to help direct the implementation of what you’ve just read.

Bonus Material

In addition to the text contained in the book and its Kindle and Nook (and soon iBook) companions, we produced or curated substantial bonus material. Videos, PDFs, podcasts, links, and more. These are accessed through Microsoft Tag technology scattered in 22 places throughout the book.

One of the first books to ever use Tag, The NOW Revolution allows you to unlock bonus content directly and instantaneously from your smartphone. Thanks to our friends at Microsoft for their assistance.

Speaking of companies that are a part of the book, we have full case studies in each of the shifts, chronicling the amazing success stories of Moosejaw, ThinkGeek, Autodesk, Sweet Leaf Tea, Taylor Guitars, Boingo, and Martell Homebuilders. Many of these companies are helping us promote the book. Thank you for your support and generosity.

Beyond these full case studies, the book contains examples from nearly 50 other companies, most of them small and medium-sized businesses (we selected smaller businesses on purpose so that more readers would be able to identify with the examples).

On the Road Again. And Again.

Although we’re doing some interesting things on the website, Facebook page, and via digital marketing, the primary promotion for the book is coming via a whirlwind series of events where Amber and/or I are talking about The NOW Revolution and its core lessons. It’s co-sponsored by Radian6 (Amber’s employer), and ExactTarget (my long-time client).

The tour kicked off last week in remarkably chilly Austin at MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Forum, and continues tomorrow at Online Marketing Summit in San Diego. Here’s the rest of the dates so far. If we’re in your area, come see us, won’t you?

Feb 10 San Diego
Feb 10 Phoenix
Feb 11 Phoenix
Feb 15 Vancouver
Feb 17 Chicago
Feb 17 Montreal
Feb 22 Nashville
March 2 Chicago
March 8 Louisville
March 12 Austin (book launch party at SXSW)
March 21 Des Moines
March 24 MarketingProfs Webinar
April 4 Portland
April 7 Boston
April 7 Indianapolis
April 8 Bloomington, IN
April 13 Knoxville
April 15 Akron
April 20 St. Louis
April 21 St. Louis
April 29 Fargo
May 2 Tucson
May 5 Richmond
May 11 Phoenix
May 12 Sacramento
May 12 Denver
May 14 Las Vegas
May 19 Raleigh
May 25 Duluth
June 3 Victoria, BC
June 7 Columbus, OH

Most sincere thanks for your support of my work here at Convince & Convert, and The NOW Revolution. It makes an absolutely terrible Valentine’s Day gift, but I’d love it if you’d pick up a copy or 10. (it’s on sale for only 13 bucks!)

In the comments, fire away with any questions you have about the book, the tour, the process, or otherwise.

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  1. Todd Schnick says

    congrats on the release! i am a lucky recipient of the advance copies and plan to put out my review friday. and this morning, released a podcast i did with amber discussing the book. we had great fun…

    appreciate what you guys are doing, and again, good luck with the book release!

  2. says

    Congrats Jay, the photo in the post is classic, you look like a very proud papa! 2 “Shifts” into your book, and for an avid reader of your blog I’m glad to say it is not re-tread of old posts, but rather a strung together tale of steps that simply need examination and execution to succeed NOW. The narrative is spot on to. Just a great ‘voice’ bringing the reader along, well done. Deserved congrats to you and Amber.


  3. says

    Hi Jay,

    BIG CONGRATS to you on the official release of your book! I see you are busy man… awesome. 😉

    Just added your book to my Amazon wishlist. Will be the next addition to my kindle as soon as I finish with what I’m reading now. Looking forward to it… looks like a juicy one for sure. 😉

    All the best!

  4. Jack says

    Congratulations Jay, looking forward to seeing you and Amber at SMAZ in Phoenix. Safe travels to you both on the tour.

  5. Cheryl Pickett says

    First, congratulations! So many people say they want to write a book, but far fewer actually complete their plan. It looks like it will be very useful to a lot of companies. Also, just wanted to note that I love the line above “every customer is a reporter”. Such a simple yet powerful way to explain that information is going to get out there no matter what so you need to do your best with what you directly offer, but also try your best to make it so that your “reporters” say good things too.

  6. says

    Massive congrats, buddy. Trying to finish it up this week and will get some reviews published after that. Safe travels to Amber and you on the book tour. Hopefully, we will get the chance to meet up during your crazy travels. Cheers!

  7. says


    You continue to inspire me. In no small part because of your book launch, I’ve decided to write one of my own in the coming months. I’m so glad we caught up at MP Forum, and I look forward to seeing you again at SXSW!

  8. says

    Congrats Jay, excited for both you and Amber and all of the work that you’ve put into rockin’ this book! Got my copy today and looking forward to reading it on my flight to Austin tomorrow :-)

  9. says

    Congrats Jay, it’s a real accomplishment to do a book! It’s a hell of a lot of work, I’ve been there but it’s a cool experience. Count me for any and all “pimping” of the book! Congrats again. Michelle

  10. Rebecca says

    Congrats! I’ve enjoyed your blog–so I ordered your new book today! Looking forward to reading it. Where will you be speaking in Nashville–is that open to anyone?

  11. says

    Congrats, Jay! I’m almost finished with the book, and I’ve definitely enjoyed it. I’ll save the detailed comments for my review/giveaway post. 😉

    This is a huge accomplishment, and I wish you and the Amber the best with book sales.

  12. says

    I can;t wait to get my hands on a copy! I’m just finishing up on David M Scott’s Real-time Marketing & PR, and am interested to read yours. Hmm..wondering if I can get an autographed copy though, and your tour does not include Auckland, New Zealand! :-)

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