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A New Weapon for Agencies in the Fight Against Digital Marketing Specialists

Convince & Convert launches consultancy to help agencies figure out a digital marketing game plan

(July 8, 2008 — Flagstaff, Ariz.)
Thousands of advertising and public relations firms find themselves under siege as new tactics and digital specialty agencies chip away at their client base.

What’s an agency to do? Outsource digital marketing? Hire an in-house expert? Merge with a digital marketing agency? Ignore the Web and hope it goes away?

Convince & Convert, a new digital marketing consultancy, has launched to answer those questions – and more. The firm is believed to be America’s first devoted solely to helping agencies get better (and more profitable) at digital marketing. Convince & Convert improves agencies’ in-house expertise in email marketing, search marketing, Web strategy, Internet advertising, social media, and mobile marketing.

The company specializes in Digital Marketing Audit and Actions, an intensive, 2-day analysis and examination of an agency’s digital capabilities, with a detailed roadmap for improvements. The firm also works with agencies on an ongoing basis to increase in-house digital marketing expertise and profits.

The firm is led by Jason Baer, a 15-year Internet veteran who has worked with dozens of agencies and hundreds of major companies including: Nike, Fujitsu, Pulte Homes, Cold Stone Creamery, and RJ Reynolds. He founded the award-winning digital marketing firm Mighty Interactive, which he sold to integrated Tempe, AZ agency Off Madison Ave in 2005. He remains a senior consultant to Off Madison Ave.


•    To provide a true competitive advantage to its clients, Convince & Convert will work with only one agency in each U.S. market.

•    Digital marketing is expected to double in the next 4 years, according to eMarketer, yet many advertising and PR agencies continue to struggle with integrating digital marketing tactics and executing them competently and profitably for their clients. A recent Forrester Research report says agencies “…must build new interactive competencies quickly in order to succeed.”

•    Convince and Convert maintains an active blog on digital marketing issues for agencies


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(attributable to Jason Baer, President Convince & Convert)

Advertising and PR firms have been having their lunch eaten for years by digital-only shops, and I’ve done some of that eating. Agencies must act now to dramatically improve their digital capabilities or their core business will begin to erode.

Ultimately, there shouldn’t be a “digital” group within an agency. Every marketing tactic should have a digital component. That’s what Convince & Convert does – shows agencies how to integrate and profit from interactive marketing.

Attributable to Forrester Research Report “Agencies Must Build Digital Skills to Survive) April, 2008

Traditional advertising agencies face significant technical difficulties. Clients are shifting business to digital shops, and consumers have turned away from media channels that built the agency industry and toward emerging Internet media. Ad agencies must build new interactive competencies quickly in order to succeed. How? They must build digital skills with a three-tiered approach of establishing digital commitment at the executive level, retraining existing staffers, and building a pipeline of future talent.


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  1. letstalkandchat says

    I just found a great company that builds websites for info products. To keep your costs low, they’ll mentor you on how to create your site, design a marketing funnel (one of the guys works in Hollywood and makes really slick videos), and the other guy programmed Myspace. If you’re looking to have professional web design for your small business and not waste any time or money then check their site out. Check them out:

  2. says

    This is spot on, Jay… And great comments. We are seeing the same thing AJ is in terms of Facebook paid products really working and providing a very compelling ROI. I also love your quote “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” Great content will get solid organic reach.

    The only thing I would add is a 5th recommendation tied to conversion. The fact of the matter is, if most pages had been focusing on acquiring email and/or other data from their most active supporters on Facebook, then the constant march toward less and less organic reach would not be nearly as painful. This is, of course, why we created ActionSprout. Many of our customers measure the ROI of their ActionSprout and Facebook efforts based on email acquisition cost and are finding that Facebook is extremely cost effective.

    And AJ, look alike audiences based on people you have acquired emails from from Facebook are incredibly effective!

  3. Elena Galey-Pride says

    Well explained! I think the lesson is to not be sheep – either in climbing aboard a bandwagon or in fleeing a sinking ship – without understanding the implications and opportunities for your own business. Facebook never was all things for all businesses, and it certainly isn’t now. The people who seem to be crying the loudest are those who “are on” Facebook and never really understood why, or what their numbers meant. Is Google+ better? Yes, for some – if your target market is there. Businesses can flee Facebook, but who will they find on Google+?

    • says

      It’s not sheep. It’s seeking the easy option. And you’re right: mechanically G+ may be better (for now), but the audiences certainly do not match up.

  4. says

    The moral of the story is “think different”, it is a long race, and you would not taste success overnight. In addition, you should have the zeal to reach the finishing line.
    Great post.

  5. Jonathan Carr says

    I have a highly engaged and loyal organic fb audience of 186K. It’s a weather forecasting and safety aggregation page that I don’t charge anything for. I’m supposed to spend $1500 on posts that have 0 ROI? …just to reach everyone? I’m ready to “lights out” the page and send everyone who will still follow (which is a lot) to G+/Twitter.

    • says

      Whether or not $1500 is too much or too little to reach 186k opt-in people can be debated. But if it doesn’t generate ROI, I’d humbly suggest that’s your issue, not Facebook’s no? There’s lots and lots and lots of companies generating ROI on Facebook. That doesn’t make it easy, or even the right approach, but let’s not suggest that Facebook can’t be successful for business, even if you have to pay to play.

      • Jonathan Carr says

        I’m not questioning whether or not ROI is possible on facebook. Of course it is for businesses in the interest of profit. My complaint is for those who share free information which is sometimes critical, if not most of the time, to those who have liked the page. Municipal authorities and law enforcement now have a smaller reach for missing people, criminals on the loose, etc. Proven cases of social media helping in this situation are now suffering from the reach limitations as well. Perhaps for-profit businesses should be treated differently than government/administrative/safety/law organizations.

  6. Terra L. Fletcher says

    Great article! I will be sharing some of your insights in my upcoming class, “So you think you know Facebook?” Thanks!

  7. leslie_nicole says

    I wonder about G+ as well. I love the format of it—so much cleaner for visual artists— but I’ve heard from others that the business pages don’t take off as well and I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to lure my Facebook followers over there.

  8. says

    I agree Leslie. Google+ business pages don’t take off the way Facebook
    pages do for many businesses, but I believe it’s because Google+ has a
    unique set of users. From my research on the platform, I found that it’s
    mostly used by: 70% male, 50% of users are 24 or younger, mostly early
    adopters, engineers, designers and developers, 43,82% are single.

    So I believe that if your audience isn’t in those demographics, it’ll be hard to build a following on Google+. For your Facebook fans, I suggest that you get them on your email list by actively promoting your lead magnets. Email is way less crowded than any social network!

  9. leslie_nicole says

    My audience is photography, which is pretty strong on G+, so I really should put more into it.

    Right now, I have nearly twice as many FB followers than my email list. I plan on doing some promoted posts with a special newsletter only incentive. Special give-away, monthly give-away- newsletter only – something like that.

  10. says

    That’s great Leslie! Giveaways are one of the most powerful ways to getting email subscribers. I also suggest you create some sort of a lead magnet on your website (ebook, video, webinar, free textures, exclusive coupons…etc). By the way, did we exchange any emails before. I remember that I visited your website a while ago, but I can’t remember when (I have a bad memory!). Awesome website!

  11. says

    I do have free textures on my site – I’ve been in the process of a complete re-design and re-structuring of my site – next step is optimizing better – including leads / funnels, etc. Your name is familiar. btw – which site are you going to? Also, don’t want to hi-jack these comments – so you can also find me on twitter @lnicole.

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