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Free Assessment – Let’s Find Out How the World Sees You

Today is the six-year anniversary of the Convince & Convert blog. Since 2008, this blog and the community that surrounds it has grown from me and my Mom, to hundreds of thousands of marketers and businesspeople from all corners of the world. It’s been an amazing ride, and I thank every one of you for your support.

But really, WHO ARE YOU? I don’t know, and I’m not sure YOU know.

Here’s a 100% free way ($37 value) to find out in a just a couple of minutes.

FREE: How The World Sees You Personality Assessment (first 499 participants)

Until 7/7/14 the first 499 readers of Convince & Convert (that’s you!) can take the amazing How The World Sees You personality assessment for free. It’s a very quick process (5 minutes or so) and the findings are simply remarkable. You’ll understand your strengths and weaknesses in ways you never did before, and you’ll know how to improve your business and your life. You’ll receive a very detailed online analysis, as well as a downloadable PDF, all at no cost ($37 value).

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your support – our codes have all been used! You can still take the assessment by paying the $37 fee. You’ll love it!

Take the Free Assessment

1. Go to:

2. Enter the code JBAER where it says “book code” and enter your name and email address. Pick a password so you can access your completed assessment at any time.

3. Answer a few questions about yourself.

4. You’ll immediately receive your in-depth, custom report, which identifies your personality Advantages.

Why Am I Giving This to You?

How the World Sees You bookThis assessment is produced by my friend Sally Hogshead, whose new book “How the World Sees You” is amazing and available for pre-order. Sally sent me an early sneak peek copy. She knows more than anyone about personality types and how to improve your life based on who you really are.

To help promote the book, Sally gave me 499 (only) free assessments for Convince & Convert readers, so I can get a better feel for who YOU are as a group….and of course you get a better idea of yourself, too.

In a couple weeks, I’ll be doing a video interview with Sally, where she’ll be analyzing the Convince & Convert community as a whole, and telling us all what we have in common. Fascinating stuff! (just a quick note here to let you know that I will not have access to any of your individual data, only aggregate info for Convince & Convert readers)

I’d love it if you took the free personality assessment now. I promise you’ll LOVE it.

Here’s My Personality

I’ve take this assessment myself, and of the 49 potential personality archetypes, I am The Maestro. Here’s what the assessment says about that (there are pages and pages and pages of more detail, this is just the summary screen shot).

How the World Sees You

Here’s my personality archetype.

I can’t wait to find out what we’re all about. You’re going to learn a lot about yourself, too.

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  1. says

    Jay, agreed.

    Sally’s work has been a big eye opener.

    It delivered me a missing piece I had in my own branding, as well as an ignored ( or better said ) strength I ran away from.

    Something I think could be fascinating ( oh I could not help myself with that one) would be to watch/listen to all our interviews with Sally and learn what was the one thing we learned from each that was different.

    Breakthrough radio (#BBSradio) will hold a special edition show with her on July 8th at 12pm ET. Looking forward to watching yours too!

  2. cjack says


    Thanks for the link and the test. I pretty much know my personality types, and use these to add depth and clarify my landmines…and alert others to test that will help them in understanding how to increase their efficiency. I like how THIS one focuses on how others perceive you, versus just you reflecting on yourself. For me, it was spoton – and the thing I am to look out for as my dormant advantage, again spoton. My personality type is amply and colorfully described as The Ringleader – and truly takes my top two dominant personality and explains them in a way that is…me!

    Thanks for bringing this test and the author to my attention. I have shared it, your post and newsletter, with my friends and business associates.

    Be well,

    • HowToFascinate says

      Wonderful, CJ! As The Ring Leader you combine Power with
      Passion. This makes you motivating, spirited and compelling. Create your own sharing code at and put your
      advantages to work!

  3. says

    My assessment was spot on! The trick with these types of assessments (like Gallup assessments) is don’t think too much about your answers. Trust your gut, and the outcome will be more accurate. Love the user experience on Sally’s site. Can’t wait to learn about the Convince and Convert community’s personality.

  4. Tom Bryant says

    Thank you for this Jay! Really interesting to see some traits I was aware of as well as others I should start to to turn to my advantage. I really look forward to the interview to understand more about how this fairs alongside the community at large. Happy Birthday to Convince and Convert!

  5. Jo Friend says

    Thank you Jay (and Sally) for this! I have to say I generally hate personality and psychometric tests. I thought they smacked too much of trying to fit people into specific boxes. However, like everyone else here I thought my results were spot on. And, as a Catalyst, I now understand why I find fitting into boxes so difficult. Fascinating stuff! Another book for my list. Thanks again.

    • HowToFascinate says

      Awesome, Jo! That’s what we love to hear. Make sure to create a sharing code at and put your advantages to work!

  6. says

    Thank you for this gift! I’d taken every personality assessment known to man, except this one :-) It provided great insights for better understanding and communicating my own highest value. Awesome. My archetype: The Rockstar (Innovation, Passion).

    • HowToFascinate says

      Great to hear that you enjoyed the assessment, Lana! Create your own sharing code at and motivate others to discover their highest value.

  7. says

    I got “Architect” (Prestige + Mystique).

    This means that if I were an X-men, my power would be the ability to shape an ice creme scoop of mashed potatoes into a small dog that I observed 30 seconds prior.

    • HowToFascinate says

      Well said Jonathan! It also means you are skillful, restrained, and polished. Dont forget to create your own sharing code at!

  8. says

    I’ve loved Sally for a long time but she and her team have outdone themselves this time! I’m also a Maestro… the assessment is so accurate it’s like I was personally interviewed for the results.

    • HowToFascinate says

      Glad you liked the assessment Lynette! Go to, create your own sharing code and inspire more people to discover their highest value!

  9. Erika Batten Goldwater says

    Thank you for sharing this Jay- I admit…I am loving this site and the assessment. Turns out I am a connoisseur –probably pretty accurate!

    • HowToFascinate says

      Excellent, Erika! As The Connoisseur you combine Prestige with
      Passion. This makes you insightful, distinguished and in-the-know.
      Create your own sharing code at and put your advantages to work!

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