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What Do You Think of the New Design for Convince and Convert

Redesigned Convince & Convert Homepage

As the “original” Convince & Convert team member (I’ve been working with Jay on C&C since 2009), I have a unique look into the evolution of this company – one that started with a single political-science-major-turned-social-media-expert and has grown into an 8-person virtual powerhouse.

In the beginning, Jay was blogging at least 4 times a week, every week. The site was a place for social media and digital marketing musings. Soon, readers took an interest in guest blogging, and the topics we covered grew deeper – public relations, case studies, email marketing, metrics, and personal branding all came into play. Now, we’ve got a 5-day-per-week posting schedule that includes a guest blog spot, a visual spot (Social Image of the Week), a video spot (Baer Facts), a podcast spot (Social Pros), and, of course, a special spot for Jay.

Convince & Convert is no longer just a blog; we are a speaking company, a consulting company, and a relationships company. We help take the guesswork out of social media strategy and implementation, we teach the benefits and tools to create outstanding content, we inspire companies to become a Youtility, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

As a result, and because our website is our main hub, we’re working on a new look that we hope will better service our clients, our readers, and anyone else who stumbles upon our website.

Instead of focusing solely on the blog, we wanted to showcase the services that Convince & Convert can offer, including our consulting, training, and speaking services. We also wanted to have a special place for our longer form content, like the Social Pros Podcast and ebooks.

Here’s a quick preview of what we’re developing for the homepage:

A_ConvinceConvert_HomeDesktop_03_03 (1)

An internal page:


And the blog:


In addition to this site, we’re also working on a new look for Jay’s personal site which showcases his books and speaking. We’ll be launching that site shortly after the release, so stay tuned for an official announcement.

These are still a work in progress, but we’d love to hear what you think about the new design. We love constructive criticism and can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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  1. prairiefox says

    Really like the design, but I also feel like it’s very similar to the Content Marketing Institute website. I would prefer some visual differentiation so that I can easily tell at a glance which site I’m on

  2. Brad says

    For the “Internal Page,” all I could think of is “Seth Godin,” and his famous thinking head on the top left of his site. Overall, I think the new site is an improvement. I like the cleaner background, and overall nicer look. Social media icons on top are a nice touch.

  3. Dale Glasgow says

    These designs are clean, lots of white space.
    Home page comments…I viewed the designs in a full size browser to really see what you are asking.
    1. Main image shadow is a little plain, an outer box line to separate? this image of Jay needs more humanness… and future ones. Maybe a female photographer/videographer.
    2. I’m aching for more to look at, thumbnails, links above the fold. texture.
    3. Since we have to scroll down on a desktop browser… maybe add a mini slider to engage the hot video and hot blog posts, or place under the nav to the right or in one of the content areas below.
    4. love to see a second design choice to balance the critique.

    • says

      Hi Dale,

      Great points, thank you. We don’t have a lot more to go off of until we get into development, but we will soon. And we liked this first stab at the design so much that we didn’t feel the need to get a second design! Thanks again for all the thoughts, we’ll keep them in mind for development.

  4. says

    I’m accustomed being the minority but the blog layout reminds me of Lifehacker and Gizmodo — with block comments and Facebook-like columns of them. I like those sites but not the comment sections.

  5. Andy Newbom says

    looks good overall. the home page will better reflect what you do and are now. Assume it will be perfect in mobile? fully responsive html5 right?

  6. RedSlice says

    Overall, looks good, Jess! I think I’m in the minority that things are still a bit too “busy” for my personal taste (the Blog page layout overwhelms me a bit and I’m not sure where to look first due to so many images), but I think I can get used to it. And… is it me or is the email opt-in buried at the bottom of the Home Page, way below the fold? (I could totally be missing something…wouldn’t be the first time!)

  7. says

    Am I the only one that feels like it’s missing the personality of the current look? That’s a lot of white space compared to the current look.

    I hate being negative in response to an ask like this but if I’ve learned anything about website design in combination with marketing it’s to make your call to action clear to the user. On the home page I see that the request consultation button is orange, why not make it purple so it stands out as the thing you want people to do?

    The home page is a little bit busy with the blog stuff added in. The blog is way too busy, I have no idea where my eyes are supposed to go on the page.

    No matter how you go, I’ll keep reading. :)

  8. says

    I think the blog layout is well thought out for 3 reasons: #1 – People are becoming accustomed to the Timeline/Pinterest type of layout #2 – Mobile browsing #3 – Nice use of a CTA in the middle as people browse the headline widgets. Any plans to A/B test layout variations? Also, is there a hypothesis for switching the column to the left side of the page? I’m thinking that would re-locate to the bottom of the page when browsing via mobile.

  9. Vince Robisch says

    I like the homepage and the internal page. Looks more like a business rather than “just” a blog. The blog page is too busy for my taste.

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