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Does Your Corporate Blog Measure Up

There’s a fair amount of agreement on principles on an effective blog, and even widespread head nodding regarding what success metrics are important. However, there’s very little available with regard to blog metrics benchmarking, and how your blog compares to others.

I’m hoping to change that. And you can help by taking this short survey.

My friends at Compendium Blogware (disclosure: I’m an advisor to the company), have launched a new survey that will help corporate marketers evaluate their blog metrics. I’m working on this survey with social media consultant Jason Falls, corporate blogging expert Debbie Weil, and Chris Baggott from Compendium.

blogging survey
If you have access to your blog’s analytics (Google Analytics is fine), the survey will take you fewer than 120 seconds to complete, because all of the requested data should be available on the summary page of your analytics program.

Would you please take two minutes and participate? If you provide your email address, we’ll send you a summary of the results when analysis is completed in a few weeks.

Thanks for your help.

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