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The Power of Content Strategy

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

– Uncle Ben to Peter Parker (Spiderman)

As marketers, we now have the power to create content of all types and deliver them directly to our customers and prospects. It was not too long ago that this wasn’t the case.

Unfortunately, just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Pinterest, enewsletters, ebooks, magazines, apps – Often we focus so much on the channel, and that we CAN, we don’t stop to think that maybe we should take a step back and ask why.

If all your content marketing was swept up and removed from your industry, would anyone notice? Think about that. Does your content fill a needed gap in the information marketplace? If not, you most likely have a problem.

Find your hedgehog. Take a step back and develop a strategy where you fill a gap that only you and your unique story can fill. Be an irreplaceable information provider. Create such great content that your customers long for your marketing.

Answer the why first, both for you and your customers. If you do this with the right intentions, the channels will follow.

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  1. ginarau says

    Two best reco’s above: 
    1. Find your hedgehog: find your one thing, be the best at it, rule that world. 
    2. Only create and publish important content. 

  2. DigitalMediaJoe says

    @jkozuch @juntajoe That’s right, content that includes images and video, possibly 2D or 3D animations to entertain and/or communicate…

  3. says

    Very well said: “Take a step back and develop a strategy where you fill a gap that only you and your unique story can fill.” I guess taking the time out to think and re-think strategies and finding one’s rhythm is the only way to go.

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