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The Power of Culture

Culture is the bedrock of an organization.

Make it strong, and it will become the backbone of your business. Culture is reflected in the words and actions of everyone in your company. Official spokesperson or not, each of them is a living, breathing ambassador for what you value.

It’s no accident that the companies excelling on the social web have strong, positive cultures. They believe in hiring for mindset, attitude, and values and training for requisite skills. They preserve and nurture their culture above all, because it’s the foundation for smart decisions, good judgment, and an environment of learning and collaboration.

The companies struggling with social adoption don’t have infrastructure problems, they have systemic culture problems. The best investment a company can make in their quest to be a social business? Healing, empowering, and fostering a healthy culture.

Otherwise, you’re building social’s critical foundation on awfully soft ground.

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  1. magriebler says

    Great observation. Leaders in organizations with a strong culture let the people they’ve hired do their jobs. They trust them. They don’t micromanage. And they’re not still arguing behind closed doors about the value of social media. They’re putting it to work.

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