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The Power of Data

badge guest post FLATTER The Power of DataAs our use of social media increases, so does the amount of information we share about our activities, our relationships and ourselves. Just ten years ago, marketers had to bribe customers to share a fraction of the rich data we have access to today.

But data sitting in silos doesn’t help anyone. least of all the customer. Turning the data into useful experiences is how marketers unlock the power of data.

Since most people have at least one social profile, people are willing to give marketers access to social data in exchange for a personalized experience across the sites they frequent.

This high-value data allows marketers to develop more meaningful, and profitable, relationships with their audience in ways like:

Enable people to find places and friends

Foursquare The Power of Data

Make discovery relevant

Geoloqi The Power of Data

Build an active community of brand promoters

Runkeeper The Power of Data

Solve problems that earn fan loyalty

Levi The Power of Data

Become the go-to personal assistant

Sears The Power of Data

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    Rt @tcreativo ¿Los datos de los social media se pueden traducir en información útil? Algunos ejemplos

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    @SthsideMktg Highlighting the new digital currency – data