• http://www.wordandmouth.com/ DaveThackeray

    Have to say, Jay – I’m not a fan of the carousel/slider concept. It was the one thing that stopped me visiting Mashable. Give it to me straight, unadulterated, pure. Haven’t got time to click around to get the news.
    But I LOVE that you experiment. Here’s to more!

  • hivesusan

    Hi – just a head’s up that this post looks super extra crazy in Google Reader.  That didn’t stop me from clicking through to read it, but I thought you’d like to know.

  • SlideDeck

    @DaveThackeray hello mate! (@king_jaffy here). Happy to see him using it as we intended – making blog content more visual. (cc @jaybaer)

    • DaveThackeray

      @SlideDeck @king_jaffy @jaybaer Jaffy – is that YOU? What are you doing there? How’s the improv? Just republished our InspiRadio show!

      • King_Jaffy

        @DaveThackeray Haha, hello there – been working for @dtelepathy for abt a year now. Improv’s great – we should do another interview! =)

  • creapack