1. Lateefivy says

    I'm finding that the scarce commodity with businesses isn't money, its time. The time investment required for social media before you see a benefit is a barrier. If we reduce the time investment and shorten the time-to-results, adoption will soar.

  2. Factchecker says

    “… one (unnamed) character trying earnestly to get the character Sam to try green eggs and ham.”

    … No, no, no — Sam is the one doing the hard sell on the tainted ham-and-eggs. It's the green-ham holdout who's nameless.

  3. says

    I keep thinking of the Life cereal commercial from the 70's with the kid Mikey and his brother saying, “Try it. You'll like it.” He tries it and he does.

    Holding a semi-annual niche affiliate marketing conference, it is quite common for me to find folks who want nothing to do with social media. It's all about their blog, or get SEO ranking, etc. But, after 3 days of having a barrage of social media input, they start to come around and realize, “oh…maybe I do need to try this.”

  4. says

    Cute post. But I agree with Factchecker. Sam is the one who is trying to push the eggs and ham onto the unnamed character. Think, “That Sam I Am, that Sam I Am, I do not like green eggs and ham.” I can recite that book by heart. Definitely a classic.

  5. marionguthrie says

    I read a forecast about the huge growth in mobile advertising in just 5 years, by 2015. So clients ignoring social channels and networks need to realize that traditional venues will continue to lose ground and their products and services will be left behind if they don't do as you've suggest and try those 'green eggs'.

  6. says

    They're saying no because “social media” itself is a juvenile term being used to describe what is, thus far, a novelty in every sense. Social media has never been driven by function and purpose. It's mostly based on buzz and mass popularity. It's… well… *mostly* a mass media so far. We measure it (personally and professionally) quantitatively not qualitatively. We expect mostly novel outcomes and if it's anything otherwise it's remarkably exceptional and often overlooked.

    This is because there are no new functions or purposes for social media. They're not defined. They're emerging. And so far social media is not a quantum leap. It's baby steps forward. And if the digitari (ie. affiliate marketers) have anything to do wit it that's the way it will stay. It's a realm to be gamed (SEO, comment spam, email spam, Groupon/group shopping spam… you invent-it-we-spam-it-with-marketing-spam-spam).

    And that phenomenon doesn't help either.

    What separates 'social' now from what has come before is that it got buzz, got cool, got popular.

    But otherwise it’s a “tool” looking for a function. And we're becoming the tools of the tools (the often self-appointed gurus) when we follow them. Just my two cents.

  7. says

    I think people are so busy in their work so they don't have enough time for social media and social media needs full time to spend on it.Time investment is really important for this…!!!

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