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Using Location-based Services for Content Marketing

Sure, location-based services like Foursquare are great for customer engagement and loyalty rewards. But they are also potential sources of great content.

When we say “content creation” what we usually think of is the company in question creating informational materials themselves, and putting that information on a website, blog, and/or YouTube. But when you look at the tips in Foursquare (or the customer-created microcontent in any LBL platform) you’ll see an array of potential content handholds.

At Yogi’s in Bloomington, Indiana the Foursquare tips talk about karaoke night, the restaurant’s signature “Big Salads”, and even a beer education class. All of these + other tips are potential blog posts, email newsletter topics, podcasts and other content pieces that Yogi’s can use to inform and entertain customers and prospects.

Through location-based services, customers are telling companies what they think is most interesting and noteworthy. Tap into that stream and use it as raw materials for your next round of content creation.

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(originally posted on Aaron Strout’s Citizen Marketer 2.1 blog)

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    Foursquare in particular is excellent because of their data breakdown. Any brick and mortar store that’s not established and engaged there is really missing out. Great points, Jay. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    NICE! Never thought of using tip information in that way. Opens the door for businesses to get really creative. Folks like the beer education night? How about streaming one of those events live? Get customers’ mouths watering if you will. Hey, they might just show up for the next one, tell some friends. Thanks for the inspiration here.

  3. says

    What do you think about businesses transparently adding tips about their businesses? Relying on customers to tip others off about cool events such as beer school is iffy. The bar is lucky someone thought to mention beer school.

    The key is transparency. Don’t create an alias and pretend to be a customer. But be yourself and use the channel to brag.

  4. says

    Great points on taking the content and using it to your advantage. I
    wonder if @chrisbaggott can come up with a plug in for Foursquare to use
    the content on your blog 😉 In reference to Carl Natale’s comment here
    is a blog I wrote about how I used tips as a business Myself and @basschaos of Houlihans in Indy both
    spoke at the Foursquare Day Indy event about leaving and using tips as a

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