A Very Smart Way to Combine Search and Social

Ricky Cadden, Social and Digital Content Manager for TripCase, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the power of search engine optimization, targeted social, and internal resource management.

In This Episode:

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Ricky Cadden - InstagramScrupulously Social and Slangy SEO

With a decade of experience in writing blogs and using social to draw in consumers, Ricky Cadden has a wealth of experience in SEO and social refinement to share with Jay and Adam. By focusing on social returns, playing to the strengths of each medium, and finely tuning SEO, Ricky manages to find success with a variety of content in each arena. From Facebook to Twitter to blogs, he has high-performing social with measurable results.

TripCase is now a powerhouse mobile app that seamlessly manages at least 30 million trips each year using the combined power of over 40 airlines and more than 110,000 travel agents.

In This Episode

  • How realistically evaluating social returns can lead to a more focused engagement plan and higher returns
  • Why showing your collaborators an example of what you can do can lead to better cross-organizational buy-in
  • How inhaling and exhaling data can lead to a more feature-rich product and more clients
  • Why becoming familiar with the vernacular around your product can mean better SEO results


Quotes From This Episode

“A large part of it is identifying what’s going to bring you a return and what’s not.” —@rcadden

“Working with the product team… I’m saying, ‘Here is the content that I already have, here are the ways that I would like to improve the content if you can get me this data.'” —@rcadden

“Anytime I can show my product team [that] if you assign resources to this, this is what you’ll get… that’s really powerful.” —@rcadden

“Targeting and using that personalization data is really crucial.” —@rcadden

“One of the tricks to search engine optimization and marketing is identifying those key words.” —@rcadden

“The way that they’re going to talk about it to their friends—that’s the one that you need to be all over.” —@rcadden



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