How to Achieve Incredible Social Media Success in a University

Monica Ballesteros, Social Media Manager of the Enterprise Marketing Hub at Arizona State University, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss maintaining brand cohesiveness and a high level of social customer care across hundreds of social accounts.

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Keeping It In The Family

If you think overseeing one, five, or even ten social media accounts is difficult, try monitoring hundreds of social profiles that bear your company’s name. To make it even more complicated, imagine that you have very little direct control over the majority of these accounts and have to rely on others to keep the profiles aligned with the brand. Preserving cohesive branding in such a situation can seem nearly impossible.

Monica has found a path to united branding through communication, networking, and resources. Maintaining an open line of communication and a positive relationship with the multitude of voices that are speaking on behalf of your brand is key to ensuring unified messaging throughout the platforms. On top of this, putting a little extra effort into creating style resources for profile owners will keep branding consistent when news is hot and content turnaround time is short.

Instead of viewing this plethora of platforms and owners as a burden, Monica has embraced it as additional opportunities to create and deepen the relationship with ASU’s extensive audience.

In This Episode

  • Why social marketing in a university environment means keeping tabs on hundreds, if not thousands, of social accounts
  • How advance effort put into a workbook leads to instant and cohesive news dissemination across all channels
  • Why the rapidly changing landscape of social media means revisiting previously dismissed platforms with an open mind
  • How positive internal networking leads to successful public content distribution
  • Why commitment to social customer care means being a part-time detective


Quotes From This Episode

“We work very closely with departments across the university to make sure that we are extending the brand.” —@MonicaBVM3

“We want to make sure that when we put ASU’s message out there, that we are talking together instead of against each other.” —@MonicaBVM3

“They already have the building blocks to create whatever makes sense for their own audience.” —@MonicaBVM3

We don’t want to leave people hanging without an answer to whatever they are asking.” —@MonicaBVM3

“Social media is a relationship with our audience as well as with our internal communicators.” —@MonicaBVM3



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