How to Tell Compelling Stories One Tweet at a Time

Park Howell, Founder of The Business of Story, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss using storytelling to cut through the technological clutter and make your content truly king.

In This Episode:

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park-howell-instagramHear From a Storytelling Pro

The fine art of storytelling is a timeless skill that will always have a place in marketing. With all the focus on technology, platforms, trends, and metrics, it frequently gets lost in the shuffle. The buzzwords “content,” “messaging,” and “branding” are popular and close concepts, but they only skim the surface of what it truly means to tell a great story.

Park is master storyteller that weaves together the art of story with the impact of marketing. Instead of focusing on individual platforms or content pieces, he stresses the importance of stepping back and crafting a meta-story that incorporates the entire brand first and letting that guide and inform every piece of your marketing strategy.

Letting the brand’s main story influence and lead social content transforms it in the eyes of prospects and customers alike. Your brand becomes more relatable and personable, educating and inspiring customers to action more easily than ever before.

In This Episode

  • How a single, meta-brand story leads to a brand that customers can believe in
  • Why the plethora of social platforms means it’s easier to tell stories but harder to strategize them
  • How conflict leads to compelling stories that drive customers to take action
  • Why understanding your audience means using big data to craft your story
  • How the demise of family storytelling means a new approach to communication


Quotes From This Episode

“It’s all about getting your brand story straight.” —@ParkHowell

“Until you truly own your story, nobody else is going to buy into it.” —@ParkHowell

Brands are built upon people, not products and services.” —@ParkHowell

“What do you do better than anybody else and who cares?” —@ParkHowell

“If you have no conflict, you have no story.” —@ParkHowell

“People don’t buy data, they buy drama.” —@ParkHowell

“Bad content from a real person is more authoritative than good content from a brand.” —@jaybaer

“The single most powerful form of communication we can do is face to face.” —@ParkHowell

“The only content that is king is really, really good and helpful content. The rest of it is just peasantry.



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