The Magic Pill for Content Marketing

Erik Qualman, founder of Equalman Studios, stops by the Content Pros Podcast to discuss the huge increase in video content consumption, the importance of utilizing customer and employee content, and the how to be flawesome.

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The Next Big Thing

Erik Qualman is a bestselling author, the founder of the Socialnomics movement, and a professor at Harvard and MIT. He’s been featured on 60 Minutes and in the Wall Street Journal. His 2014 book “What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube” was recently nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and he was voted the second most likable author in the world (second only to Harry Potter creator, J.K. Rowling).

In the beginning, Erik was talking about social media while everyone else was talking about SEO. He consistently received questions like, “Why are you focusing on teenager stuff?”

Luckily, he stuck with it and has been a part of the movement ever since. Social media has gone from, “I’ll never get on the Twitter,” to businesses in every industry around the globe trying to figure out how to best use it successfully as a marketing tool.

At speaking engagements, Erik is often asked, “What’s the next big thing?” Everyone wants the magic pill—the greatest solution. Instead, Erik takes it back to basics and gives the same advice we’ve all been hearing since 2009: You’ve got to really listen, interact, and engage.

“The magic pill is rolling up those sleeves and really getting after it.”

People don’t want to put in the hard work to develop relationships. They don’t want to spend the time and energy on this stuff when the return on investment might not come back this quarter, or even this year.

But listening and engaging are it; they’re the big solution everyone is looking for.

Release Your Brand

Before you do anything, you need to be able to answer these three questions for your brand:

  1. What’s the mission of the company?
  2. How you differ from the competition?
  3. If we went away tomorrow, what’s the loss to society?


Once you answer those questions, you are truly ready to create content. Not only that, but you’re ready to release control. At this point, you can benefit from curating content from your employees and customers.

“Release that brand and let your employees and your customers take it to the next level.”

Another question Erik gets often is, “How many posts per day?” His answer: “As long as it’s of value to your user, you can post as much as you want. It only becomes spam once it’s not of value to the end user.”

What Happens in VegasAnd if you’re producing high-quality content, quantity is still important, “Because each piece is like a lottery ticket.” You can implement some tips and tricks to give yourself a chance, but no one truly has a recipe to guarantee a piece of content will take off. So the more lottery tickets you have, the more chances you have one that will hit it big.

Right now, Erik is most excited about video as content. “By 2017, two-thirds of all consumption on our mobile devices is going to be video,” he says.

Tools and technology are changing so fast, the power is in the hand of the individual. There is no reason you can’t stay ahead of the curve by utilizing video content as part of your content strategy. It’s only going to get bigger.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

“When I was tiny, probably a policeman.” Then an NBA basketball player. Now Erik asks himself, “Does there need to be a new Walt Disney?” and perhaps that’s what’s next for him!