Should Marketers Start to Use Twitter Like Facebook

Mike Stelzner, Founder of Social Media Examiner, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the changing Twitter algorithm, the death of evergreen content, and why you should only tweet content once.

In This Episode:

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mike-stelzner-instagramKeeping It Platform-Unique

As social media becomes more prevalent in the marketing world, it is losing that which made it special for consumers: a unique and conversational platform where company and customer can come together.

Part of the problem comes from the overuse of evergreen content. The other part is treating all platforms the same.

Mike understands that each social media vehicle is unique and therefore requires different content. What is shared on Twitter are things that should not be put on Facebook and what is put on Facebook does not belong on LinkedIn. As Twitter becomes more and more like Facebook by incorporating algorithms and video, it is tempting to think of them as being the same. However, each has its own unique audience and formats that should be utilized to its own best potential.

Why limit your content to 140-characters when Facebook doesn’t have that restriction? Why retweet the same content over and over when the Twitter algorithm doesn’t reward it? It’s about knowing your platform, embracing its singular benefits, and speaking to its unique audience.

In This Episode

  • Why a successful social community means not looking for a big audience but seeking out the right audience
  • How a live show leads to being a better social media marketer
  • Why an uptick in copyright enforcement means a shift in how and when to use live video
  • How Facebook’s advertising is leading to a push for raw, unedited, live video
  • Why evergreen content is killing your Twitter ranking
  • How a focus on metrics leads to the biggest threat to social media


Quotes From This Episode

“There is a big desire for people to listen to or interact with long-form content.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“We’re not trying to reach a big audience. We’re trying to reach the right audience that is the ideal customer.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“I’ve become a better speaker, a better podcaster, and a better presenter as a result of going live.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“It’s the true manifestation of social and it’s really community building on steroids.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“Most people don’t spend a lot of time watching you on Facebook Live.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“We’re beginning to see a standard of enforcing copyrights and the rights of actors and presenters and event organizers without compromising on complete elimination of live video.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“It needs to look ok, but it needs to sound great.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“The publish time is becoming less of an issue because of the algorithm.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“You’re going to see that the new standard is not going to be to consistently retweet over and over again our content.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“Whenever possible, depending on the size of your team, you should take advantage of the unique benefits of the platform.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“The biggest threat to social media marketing right now is that it’s becoming too much like traditional advertising.” —@Mike_Stelzner



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