Six Essential Story Tools With Annette Simmons

Annette Simmons, author of “The Story Factor,” joins the Business of Story to reveal the risks and rewards involved in good storytelling and to share the six stories that everyone needs to be able to tell.

In This Episode:

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The Story Toolkit

Annette Simmons is the author of “Territorial Games,” “A Safe Place for Dangerous Truths,” “Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins,” and “The Story Factor.” Penguin has named “The Story Factor” one of its One Hundred Best Business Books of All Time.

With a background in psychology and marketing and a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Psychology, Annette approaches storytelling from an educational and psychological standpoint, through consulting, giving keynotes, and working as a Storytelling Coach.

Bringing story into a boardroom can cause quite a stir; people may be suspicious of tools they aren’t familiar with and reluctant to engage.

Luckily, Annette has created a series of story-tools to meet that challenge.

These six stories will enable a speaker to hold the attention of an audience anywhere from the boardroom to social media, and compel reluctant listeners to transform into curious and engaged participants.

In This Episode

  • The six essential stories that everyone should be able to tell
  • Using story to change behavior
  • The risks and rewards of implementing story into your brand strategy
  • Cross-cultural story morals


 Quotes From This Episode

“The beauty of story is that it ignites the imagination to simulate reality in ways that are so real.” —@TheStoryFactor

“I wanted to talk in the meeting rather than after the meeting when everybody goes to the bathroom and checks for feet and then decides they’re going to tell the truth, which is, ‘That was the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard.'” —@TheStoryFactor

“Storytelling brings humanity to organizations and to brands.” —@ParkHowell

“Iterate relentlessly.” —@TheStoryFactor

“Storytellers have traditionally been the truth tellers of a community.” —@TheStoryFactor