The One Thing You Can’t Teach in Social


Erica Campbell Byrum@ericacampbell

Special Guests: Erica Campbell Byrum

Erica Campbell Byrum, Director of Social Media at and

Social Media Education

Erica’s social media team at Dominion Homes Media ( and works closely with the Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing teams. The work of those teams helps prove the on-going value of social. Erica says, “Our senior leadership team has been really wonderful in adopting this ever-evolving space and understanding the role of social, how it plays and how it’s positioned us as a thought leader in the business to business side.”

apartments for rent Her team helps realtors across the country beef up their web presence. They’ll help interested realty businesses set up Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Foursquare accounts, plus claim and edit local listings on Google+, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Local. It’s a huge undertaking, but getting them set up is only the first step.

“We’re not looking at just feeding them content; we also want to educate them.” She offers a boot camp, as well as a webinar series and monthly newsletter to keep clients up to date.

It’s not necessarily a case where her team then hands back the baton to the realtor. In many cases, the realtors have neither the expertise nor the time to maintain the strong web presence they know they need. They stay on as partners with Erica’s team for access to fresh content, expertise, and strategy.

The One Thing

What’s Erica looking for on her team? Passion.

She can teach the necessary skills, especially now that she has a strong program in place. She needs her new hires to have a strong personality and a passion for expressing themselves and engaging socially. That’s the one thing she can’t teach.

Social Media Number of the Week: >%60

According to Localytics, more than 60% of mobile apps are opened 10 times or less. This statistic was mentioned casually in a Wall Street Journal article about Google looking for alternate ad revenue, but it grabbed Jeff’s attention.

blank smartphone “App developers have to be thinking about audience,” Jeff says. “This is something that I’ve often discussed in the sense that we do not live in the Internet world in a ‘build it and they will come; time.”

Many of the branded apps are not very good because they are not terribly compelling. They try to do too many things and become a website trapped inside an app, instead of doing one thing really well.

“In a universe where the number of apps competing for attention is ever-expanding,” Jeff says, “and the search functionality to find apps is nowhere near as smooth as Google’s search functionality to find website content, it certainly is an interesting contrast between the two and something to watch in terms of the utility it provides to users.”

Holy Social!

Erica McClenny, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Expion, has taken over for our friend Zena Weist on the podcast. She brings us her first Holy Social! this week.

Oreo’s Trending/Vending lounge at SXSW is capturing the minds of cookie- and tech-lovers everywhere.

The idea combines trending hashtags on Twitter with customizable Oreos and 3-D printing. A vending machine user chooses a hashtag, or a combination of two hashtags, to create a custom, hashtag-themed Oreo cookie in real time.

It’s a little surreal to watch, but judging by all the people who experienced it, the cookies were very real.

See you next week!

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