What You Probably Don’t Know about Advanced Facebook Ads

Social Pros Podcast with Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer, Owner of Jon Loomer Digital, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss his expertise in the ever-changing world of Facebook ads, the different options for paid media on Facebook, and the specifics of the advanced techniques he uses to create successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

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Digging in to Advanced Facebook Ads

When Jon Loomer started digital marketing with the NBA in the early 2000s, it was a race to delete negative comments. But the current digital client is a whole other ballgame. Now he teaches marketers advanced techniques for using Facebook to enhance their earned, and more often their paid, media presences.

He gives the Social Pros listeners a breakdown of the possibilities with each Facebook post:

Published posts that you write from your page show up in timelines. You can then “boost” the post, which Jon doesn’t recommend, or “promote” it using Power Editor.

Creating a Facebook ad rather than a post gives you two additional options. The first is the in-line page post ad, which doesn’t live on your newsfeed; it only exists as an ad, you can edit it after it’s been running, and you can easily duplicate it or make modifications.

What You Probably Don't Know about Advanced Facebooks AdsThe dark, or un-published, Facebook posts are ads that can’t be edited after they’re posted. They also won’t show up in your timeline, unless they are getting good traction and you decide to actually publish them as a regular post. This has the advantage of suddenly showing that post in your fans’ timelines when it already has a bunch of engagement on it.

Jon recommends against “boosting” Facebook posts because the Power Editor is a much more useful and powerful tool. It gives you more control over who is seeing your ad, putting your money to better use, without actually taking any longer to set up.

For every single new blog post, Jon promotes to 2 different categories of people: fans of his Facebook page and visitors to his website. More significantly, though, he excludes anyone who has already read that blog post so he’s not wasting money promoting to those people again. This targeting takes him 2 minutes and is well worth the investment.

Jon then carefully monitors his ad performance over the 7 days. He starts out each of the two ad categories at $10 per day, but if one is doing particularly well or particularly poorly, he’ll adjust accordingly.

Listen to the podcast for specific details about how Jon segments his audience to make sure he gets the most out of his paid content on Facebook.

Social Media Number of the Week: $80.54

It’s not surprising that Pinterest beats out the rest of the social networks at $80.54 for the average order, according to Monetate. (Facebook and Twitter are neck-and-neck at $71.26 and $70.17, respectively.) Consider the social psychology behind Pinterest: you are either collecting things that you own, or you’re collecting things that you want to own. Other than your Amazon wishlist, nothing works like that.

When Pinterest takes their ad platform to the next level, they will step into the highest tier of social networks for businesses’ attention and budget.

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