Why HR Is Becoming a Dominant Player in Social Media

Devon Eyer, Strategic Engagement and Advocacy Leader at Johnson & Johnson, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how a well-organized and supported employee advocacy program through social can have a measurable impact on a global brand.

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Brand Advocacy Through Employee Engagement

We have all heard that employee advocacy can be your best asset to closing a deal or moving a prospect along the funnel. Having a positive reputation that precedes you can only help when it comes to attracting new customers or reselling to existing ones. But what about employee advocacy and workforce development?

With over 130,000 employees spread across the globe, Johnson & Johnson has found a new way to leverage social to transform their brand from the inside out.

By using employee advocates and social tools, Devon has successfully altered the employee landscape at Johnson & Johnson. Through a carefully planned advocacy program, she has already recruited 375 high-quality and influenced employees that came into their jobs with a preexisting passion and enthusiasm for the brand.

She was able to launch this program by building a solid foundation of C-suite buy-in through non-stop internal networking. Her skills at applying social to HR are having an immediate and noticeable impact on how this major global brand is doing business now and in the future.

In This Episode

  • Why launching a successful employee advocacy program means fishing where the fish are first
  • How the employee engagement leads to business transformation and a highly influenced workforce
  • Why ensuring the impact and reach of your advocacy program means getting C-suite buy-in
  • How advocacy tools lead to employee compliance with company social media policy


Quotes From This Episode

“To us, advocacy is enabling and empowering our employees to share our stories with their social networks.” —@DevonEyer

“In adding another channel and platform, we’re talking about expanding beyond content that would just give you thought leadership and position you as a professional thought leader and get more into the ‘friends and family’ sharing that you might want to do.” —@DevonEyer

“This program, 18 months in, is showing measurable business results.” —@DevonEyer

“Like all good content producers, we keep track of what works and doesn’t work, and we try to optimize against that.” —@DevonEyer

“Part of what we’re trying to do in advocacy is reach through our employees to circles of people that we would not, as a brand, be able to reach directly.” —@DevonEyer

“We try to help people understand the ins and outs and implications of building their online brand for themselves and the company.” —@DevonEyer

“Employees want to interact with their employers in a way that employers aren’t necessarily ready to do yet.” —@DevonEyer

“Corporate social belongs with whoever is driving the business results that it serves.” —@DevonEyer



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