• Beckland

    Thanks, @JayBaer and @jthandy, for a great conversation! So great to talk with you both…I had a blast!

  • http://www.SocialMediaForSmartPeople.com/ prosperitygal

    I enjoyed listening this am and wonder if this will help businesses in garner more interactions on their blogs?  Making it easier, lord knows I leave when you make me create an account for your property UGH!

  • BPMredux

    @steveolenski @sacevero @jaybaer Social Sign-In does not guarantee authenticity though

  • bradleyjoyce

    Thanks for the Shout Out Jamie! Much appreciated :-)

  • http://tonyescobar.net/ Tony Escobar

    Would be really cool to see Janrain integration with WordPress!

  • http://www.artillerymarketing.com/ ArtilleryMarket

    Jay, I’m a loyal Social Pros listener (have listened to every podcast so far), but couldn’t finish listening to this one –  Jamie’s audio was just too difficult to follow. But hey, that’s where the transcript comes in handy! I hope to meet you at BOLO next month and get you to autograph my copy of your book!  Best regards and keep podcasting!