Why Canva is Taking Over Visual Social Media

Pet Fitzpatrick, Canva

Peg Fitzpatrick, Canva@PegFitzpatrick

Special Guest: Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick, Head of Social Strategy at Canva and Managing Partner of 12 Most, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss building a brand’s online presence from the ground up, the on-going importance of Pinterest, and how Canva can help brands revolutionize their visual presence online.

Visual Take-Over

Social suits Peg well because it is an all-day writing type of job. “Even if you are not writing a blog post or a book at the moment, you are writing.” Peg works with Guy Kawasaki both at Canva and at 12 Most, and they’re also currently co-writing a book entitled The Art of Social Media. Until Peg joined the company in April, Canva was not active in social media. Now, Peg and Guy are ramping up Canva’s online presence.

Peg loves to use different channels to cross-promote content. Some people are just “Facebook people,” and they’re going to keep using Facebook exclusively, but a lot of people are willing to branch out if you show them how. “I like to look to where I have the biggest following and then introduce those audiences to the other platforms,” Peg says.

Of course, each platform needs different tailoring for the same content. Google+ needs a longer post than Facebook, and both need a good image, for example.

via Canva

via Canva

Pinterest was one of the first platforms that Peg focused on for Canva.

Canva already had a Pinterest presence, but it wasn’t yet optimized. With Pinterest’s newest update, categories and keywords in your board and pin descriptions are essential because now all this information is searchable. Pinterest is focusing more on creating discoverable content, and Peg wanted to make sure Canva was taking advantage of this.

The advantage of Pinterest is that you don’t need to be constantly sharing good content throughout the day, as is the case with Twitter. A few good pins per day is all it takes to maintain an active presence on Pinterest.

Peg and Guy will continue to “put on their thinking caps” together and brainstorm about how many different ways they can reach people.

Social Number of the Week: 9.5%

How much does that social share really increase the chance of a new consumer spending money? According to a study by Beresford Research, positive shares increase intent to purchase and product value by 9.5%. Bad recommendations, conversely, lowered purchase intent by 11%.

How much does is that social share worth?

An online share is worth $.33 when coming from a stranger and $1.33 from a friend or family member. (via Direct Marketing News)

The same study shows that moms are three times more likely to use social media than the general population, and Pinterest ranks above email in the rankings of social sharing platforms.

Holy Social!

The World Wildlife Fund has figured out a way to leverage Snapchat with its #lastselfie campaign. They’re sharing selfies of endangered wildlife species on the popular new mobile app and drawing a parallel metaphor between the idea that the pictures disappear like these animals could if we don’t intervene.

“It’s going to be interesting to figure out how they extend stories beyond a onetime snap,” Nick says, “without overbearing or overbalancing especially in the delicate mobile balance that is Snapchat.”

See you next week!

Article Name
Why Canva is Taking Over Visual Social Media
Peg Fitzpatrick, Head of Social Strategy at Canva and Managing Partner of 12 Most, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss building a brand's online presence from the ground up, the on-going importance of Pinterest, and how Canva can help brands revolutionize their visual presence online.
  • http://socialweblearning.com/ Sheila Hensley

    Brilliant, as I expected. Thanks for interviewing Peg, Jay. Great podcast

  • http://pegfitzpatrick.com/ Peg Fitzpatrick

    I’ve died and gone to social media marketer heaven – thank you so much for having me on your fantastic podcast. It was an honor and so fun! This is why I love my job – getting paid to talk to smart people and pin is a good day for me!

    • http://www.convinceandconvert.com/ jaybaer

      Aw shucks. You were great as expected Peg!

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    Great interview. Just finished listening. Never heard of Canva before, seems cool!

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    Love Canva, it’s one of my favorite sites!

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    I flip-flop from Canva to Google Docs Draw. But Canva is an excellent sites and easy to use.

    Thank you for the podcast peeps.

  • Kevin S Gouveia

    Thanks Jay, Jeff, Nick & “Peg” for sharing insight about “Canva” … “a real company”… ha ha. It’s a nice little tool that … us … ‘regular users’ from Sydney, New Hamshaa and even here in Vegas can use with ease. I liked Peg’s rundown of how she looked at the Pinterest Boards optimization … (didn’t know that) … keywords and description need to be complete … “To keep your audience engaged … CONTINUE to PIN … and pay attention to what people are liking and what’s popular.” Basic things really … but realized I needed a checklist of thing to do…I realized I need a book on how to use Pinterest ! duh! Cross promote, etc. All this how to is GOLD. Thanks again!

    • http://pegfitzpatrick.com/ Peg Fitzpatrick

      Glad you liked it, Kevin!

  • http://blog.tianakai.com/ Tiana Kai

    Love it, I see Peg’s been doing an amazing job as I see Canva all over the web now!!! She’s killing it as always.

    • http://pegfitzpatrick.com/ Peg Fitzpatrick

      Thanks, Tiana! :)

  • http://www.markevans.ca/ Mark Evans

    For bloggers, Canva has unleashed a new creative outlet. Personally, I find it so easy how interesting graphics can be quickly created.