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Convergence of Marketing and Journalism is a Recipe for Better Content

badge-baer-factsIn this week’s Baer Facts, Kyle Lacy from ExactTarget and I talk about a recent blog post by social business smartie David Armano that illustrates an emerging marketing team structure that includes journalism/editorial guidance.

This is an interesting and exciting development, as it wasn’t that long ago that marketing and journalism were like two beta fish in adjacent bowls. Now, with documentary-style storytelling increasingly being imbued into content and social programs, will “brand journalist” be the new “community manager” and become the hot new communications job du jour?

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  1. says

    It’s definitely a trend. I’ve been seeing positions open up for content creation inside organizations. The challenge is that the Subject Matter Experts (SME) inside the organization doesn’t have the time to write or blog, so these organizations believe that they need an inside journalist to do the writing. Of course, the brand journalist will still need to get the time of the SME in order to research the topic, check the facts, and then approve the content. We developed a process to “extract” the content directly out of the SME’s mouth and turn in into written content. It’s as simple as interviewing them, transcribing and then re-purposing and editing the spoken words into written content. Using a batch mentality, we’re able to minimize the time commitment of the SME to about an hour per month…total.

  2. feekoningin says

    That makes sense, and that’s what’s necessary to make the content worthwhile. Recycling content does nothing to add to the body of knowledge about a particular subject. The one thing that needs to happen, though, is there needs to be more source attribution. Though an SME obviously is a credible source, his or her knowledge is not innate. It’s gathered from other sources, and those sources should be attributed to lend greater credibility. It’s the same process used in journalism and in scholarly writing. It makes the SME even more credible.

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