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3 Ideas From Oreo to Infuse Creativity & Fun Into Your Social Media Content

badge-image-of-the-weekHave the dog days of summer resulted in a creative roadblock when it comes to your social media content? They say good things come in three’s, so who better to seek creative inspiration from than Oreo. Long after generating worldwide kudos for the Daily Twist campaign and famed real-time marketing “dunk in the dark” sensations, this classic cookie continues to offer up engaging moments of wonder.

Idea #1: Look at your product or service in a new way

Oreo 1

Oreo truly is the master of looking at its beloved cookie in new and creative ways. From googly eyes, to sculptures molded out of cream, or words spelled out in cookie pieces, who could imagine so many visual content opportunities from a cookie? This particular Instagram image from Oreo is both eye-catching, colorful and fun, featuring the copy, “No, we’re not going to guess how many more you can fit in your mouth. #OreoGooglyEyes #Oreo.”

Idea #2: Celebrate Everyday Humor


It’s not always easy to be funny on demand, but a well-placed chuckle can do wonders for prompting engagement and social sharing. Even if you’re not a natural born comedian, think through relatable, yet funny common occurrences that may be a fit for your company and be creative. Most people have had to name a Wi-Fi network and anyone who’s lived in an apartment building has probably judged their neighbors naming choices (don’t tell me you haven’t!). Posted on Facebook with the copy, “It was either this or DunkMasterFreshMilk… #‎OreoTechSupport.”

Idea #3: Embrace New Ways to Use Your Product or Service


The DIY phenomenon isn’t just for Pinterest users. If your product or service lends itself to a unique recipe, craft or activity, consider using a visual to communicate a step-by-step guide. Doing so will help to captivate attention and encourage sharing. If possible, post the image with supplemental content linking back to your company’s website, blog, or a video on YouTube, Instagram, or Vine. This tempting treat was posted on the Oreo Facebook page with, “The latest phenomenon in frozen pop culture has arrived… #‎OreoSnackHacks‬.”

Look tasty? A lot of Oreo fans seemed to think so too. It secured over 69,000+ likes, more than 17,000 shares and 2,500+ comments.

All three posts are visual, engaging, and highlight the fun role Oreo plays in its fan’s lives. Though slightly different, they tie back to the enjoyment of snacking and treating yourself. So, take a break and think of how you might be able to “snack hack” a little creativity and fun into your social media content.

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  1. Cat Fyson (Koozai) says

    Great post Jessica. Oreo are often cited for their content marketing (I myself have used their Superbowl tweet as an example of a blog post on branded content).

    Humour is a tricky one to get right. It’s cringy trying to put a funny spin on your content for no one to find it humorous – or worse, for people to find it inappropriate!.

    I think that some brands feel they cannot create this sort of content, but there are plenty of options and spins to take on all sorts of products and services.

    • Jessica Gioglio says

      Thanks, Cat. I know, humor can be tough for a lot of companies. It needs to come organically vs. trying to hard. If going the route of humor, it’s always best to test it out on a number of people w/in your company to see if they agree. If anyone takes it the wrong way, it may not be a good fit.

      To your point, the goal of the post was to get people thinking more about their brand voice and personality and how they can infuse more fun and creativity into it. It might not be lol funny for everyone, but it’s always good to be brainstorming and thinking “what’s next” in terms of creative content, or looking at your product or service in new ways. Oreo makes this look effortless, but we all know that it can be harder than it looks!

      • Cat Fyson (Koozai) says

        Humour can definitely be really tough to crack. Testing on fellow employees is a great idea – even still a stab at comedy can fall flat!

        I think that the ‘what’s next’ is what brands very often forget – it’s all well and good creating one piece of good content, but then what?

  2. Graciousstore says

    It is always a very goo idea to to find new ways to present your products to your customers and prospects.

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