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The Social Habit – Is Our Facebook Addiction Ruinous

The Social Habit Our Facebook Addiction

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  • 48 percent of Facebook users check their account more than once per day
  • 23 percent of Facebook users check their account more than five times per day
  • 8 percent of Facebook users check their account more than ELEVEN times per day
  • The mean number of daily Facebook checks is 4

Jay Baer Blog PostFour! How many things do you do four or more times per day, ruling out purely physiological activities like blinking? Not many. The list of things that seemingly happen 4X/day: Dwight Howard demands a trade; Keith Richards ponders how he’s still alive; Seth Godin writes a book. But for us mere mortals, the reality is that we’re checking Facebook about as often as we do ANYTHING.

What we put on Facebook is our own, curated vision of what our life is or should be. In that way, it is inherently false. But perhaps Facebook is the digital version of the axiom “many a truth is said in jest” and the artificial version of our selves we display on Facebook tells the world all they need to know about us? I’m not sure about that, but what I do know is that nobody has friends on Facebook that are so interesting that the site merits four daily checks, much less eleven.

The Social Habit – Win the Best Social Media Research

This data about Facebook is from The Social Habit, the groundbreaking social media and technology research from Edison – the highly respected company that runs all Presidential exit polls in the U.S. and whose public face is Tom Webster. The newest version of The Social Habit will hit the field soon, and 3,000 randomly selected Americans will weigh in on how they use digital and social media. Jason Falls, Mark Schaefer, and I have teamed up with Edison to make this the best social media research ever published – but we need your help.

What is the one question you want answered about social media? What don’t you know that you want to know? How many left-handed vampires use Pinterest? We can do that. How often people use Linkedin but don’t use Slideshare? Sure. The impact of Google + on e-commerce? Doable. Almost any question you have, we can answer with The Social Habit.

Just let us know below, and the best question(s) will be included in the survey and you will win a full copy of The Social Habit research when it’s published in a few weeks – a value of many hundreds of dollars.

You can also go to brand-new The Social Habit website ( and provide your email address (no obligation, and of course no spam) and we’ll let you know when the research is available, when we have new blog posts analyzing social behavior, and when we have new, free goodies you can download.

Please submit questions by Friday, July 27.

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  • technomade

    @gonzogonzo Juste deux fois?!!

  • technomade

    @gonzogonzo (Ah! AU MOINS deux fois…;-)

    • gonzogonzo

      @technomade Moi, je m’assume parmi le 8% qui consulte plus de 10 fois par jour…;-)

      • technomade

        @gonzogonzo + 1! lol

  • Twel5

    @shelila 23% of people admit to checking their account more than 5 times a day. ;) 8% said that they check 11+. @jaybaer

    • shelila

      @twel5 What if you never close it? I guess I could say I check it once a day then…

      • Twel5

        @shelila I was having that same debate in my head. Technically, I probably only “Log On” once or twice but it’s ALWAYS open.

  • Twel5

    @meganberry What do you think? Does the number sound about right to you or are people lying?

    • meganberry

      @Twel5 it does sound about right. I think some people are prob underreporting, but I also think they tended to get users who are more active

      • Twel5

        @meganberry That’s probably true. I am always logged on but I manage social media. My friends outside the industry log on less than me.

  • NidanPoet

    @meganberry @Twel5 @Jaybaer Guilty!

    • Twel5

      @NidanPoet Lol. How many times do you log in? @meganberry @Jaybaer

  • SBarnes

    @Twel5 I would have thought higher

  • AlexandraOstrow

    20hrs/day – is that not ok? @GILL_Media Is Our Facebook Addiction Ruinous How many times a day do YOU check Facebook?

    • GILL_Media

      @AlexandraOstrow ha ha – well… even if it’s your JOB – 20hrs a day is just a bit too much :(

      • AlexandraOstrow

        @GILL_Media Hahhaha yes… it is a tad on the extreme side. ;) Hope you’re having a great day too!

        • GILL_Media

          @AlexandraOstrow we are and right back at ya now that it’s Wednesday already :)

    • GILL_Media

      @AlexandraOstrow P.S. Thanks for Following :) – have a wonderful Tuesday.

  • kevinrcain

    Great post. Kind of a sad reality though to be honest. All of this time
    spent on Facebook has to be having an impact. For example, one of the
    negative effects of Facebook is what it’s doing to the way we
    communicate. I’d argue that Facebook has done to the way we communicate
    what McDonald’s did to the way we eat. More on this at:

  • justinSF

    @MRY what about those of us that linger on all of our accounts, waiting for notifications to pop-up? o_0

    • MRY

      @justinSF Haha – so basically everyone that works in #SocialMedia.

  • oxenhamuncensrd

    @MAMaudlina I mean I understand trying to be controversial but come on, this is blatenlty untrue

    • MAMaudlina

      @oxenhamuncensrd : And yet it is still filtered and chosen by us. Doesn’t that seem to at least make it severely biased?

      • oxenhamuncensrd

        @MAMaudlina I think that makes it manufactured, not false.

  • macslavin

    @rm // I would have expected that percentage to be higher…

  • dkwtechnik

    @Twylah — If you translate that habit into a new work paradigm, your addiction now becomes smart business.

  • jiajee

    @DioFavatas Great share about Facebook habits!

  • DannyCrane

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  • Cure Peace

    I check social media every other day. Is that too often?