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What Are Your Go-To Social Media Resources?

Ian Greenleigh, the social media manager for Bazaarvoice, and a guest poster and commenter here at Convince & Convert has launched a survey to determine what blogs marketers read to find out about social media and marketing strategy.

There really isn’t any research around what marketers are reading, other than mathematical rankings like AdAge 150 and stuff like that.

This isn’t a lead generation vehicle for Bazaarvoice, and data won’t be kept by them except to send you results if you like.

It would be great if you could fill out the short survey below to help with the data collection for this interesting survey.

Thanks for helping us get more data!

(image above from Shutterstock, a Convince & Convert sponsor)

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      I’m giving the results to the bloggers, like Jay, that help us get responses. I’m also sending them to anyone that fills out the form AND leaves their email address in the last field.

      Thanks for your interest; I’m eager, too!

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