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4 Social Media Controversies Solved

The Baer Facts Social Media Controversies

Social Media Controversies Addressed, Fresh Each Week

Jay Baer Blog PostOne of my favorite new projects is The Baer Facts, a short weekly video I’m producing with my friends at ExactTarget(a long-time client and provider of amazing interactive marketing software).

My pal Kyle Lacy heads up content marketing for the company, and he and I are doing a short video rant that each week targets a social media or content controversy or misunderstanding. It gives me an opportunity to let my inner cranky old man sneak out. I am, after all, officially middle-aged. I haven’t shouted “Get Off My Lawn, You Meddling Kids!” in an episode yet, but we’re just getting started.

You can view the first four Baer Facts episodes below. They are posted on YouTube in the ExactTarget channel each week, as well as embedded on their blog.

Would love to hear what you think of the concept, which is very much inspired by the daily, “2 minute rundown” videos my friend Bob Knorpp used to do with Peter Shankman (they had the advantage of being in the same room each time).

Love it or hate it, what’s your take on The Baer Facts? Also, if you have ideas for controversies or burning issues you’d like me to attack on the segment, please let me know in the comments. I could use some suggestions from you, please.

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  1. says

    I love the video idea, I’d much rather watch you then to read posts since most don’t have quality graphics or images to keep a readers interest. With videos you don’t need to worry about that now as much since any video is seen as better then most blog post you end up reading. Keep those videos coming. Thanks.

  2. says

    Here some web video usability comments:

    — Good intro, short and sweet.

    — Consider earpieces that you can hide behind your ear, or a wireless earpiece. Having your headphone cord dangle makes it look like you have a spaghetti eating and can be distracting.

    — Consider having some basic text overlay that highlight your key points. This is a visual that compliments what you’re looking to emphasize.

    — Upload a transcript for closed caption viewing. (Also will make your video perform better in YouTube search and overall SEO.)

    –Skype split-screen is nice, but you can get better video quality if you both shoot your own separate video. That way you’re not stuck with the small frame that Skype gives you or any dropped frame rate.

    — Consider a Wi-Fi webcam solution so you’re not tethered to a cable or a single video source.

  3. Katie Johnson says

    Hi Jay, I thought the first four episodes were pretty good. It was nice that the focus covered a variety of topics and not always ones that I have been overwhelmed with in other places. I also liked that your delivery was straight-forward, but not soap-boxy. Every once in a while, these “hot topic” videos can come off like a lecture, but these were informative without causing guilt (maybe it helps that I agreed with your perspective on each topic). My one suggestion is to move the location of the Skype box on your screen or move the location of your camera, so you can look more directly into it. I felt I was getting better eye contact from Kyle, which engaged me more in his comments. Your eyes were directed slightly downwards and it felt more like you were engaging with the screen, rather than me as the audience. But all in all, it has the makings of a fun series. Looking forward to checking out subsequent videos!

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