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9 Things to Do When I’m Gone

9 things to do when i_m goneThis morning, I’m leaving with the family on a 2-week vacation of Denmark and Norway. We’re doing a home exchange, and a lovely family from Aalborg, Denmark will be inhabiting Convince & Convert global headquarters in Flagstaff. (We’ve done the exchange thing a few times via and really enjoy it. If you have any questions about home exchanges, let me know).

For the first time in 10 years, I’m going to try to fully unplug from the Matrix. staying off email, phone and Twitter. I’m not entirely sure that’s going to work, but I’m going to give it a go.

Meanwhile, for your edification and enjoyment, I’ve rounded up a veritable posse of superlative guest bloggers to decorate the pages of this blog in my absence. Some of these folks write regularly on their own blogs, others are crazy-talented but aren’t blogging routinely yet. All of these posts are engaging and informative.

Here’s what you can expect:

July 23 – Mike Corak (@mikecorak) on Using Social Listening for Market Research
July 27 – Elizabeth Sosnow (@elizabethsosnow) on “Conducting an Intellectual Capital Audit: 7 Ways to Find Your Stories”
July 29 – Doug Wick (@dougwick) on “Can I Contact You Please? The Evolution of Permission”
July 30 – David Hibbs (@davidhibbs) on “Deconstructing Zappos’ Email Program”
August 3 – Andrew Freeman (@andrewfreeman) on “When Social Media Becomes Anti-Social”
August 4 – Indra Gardiner (@bgindra) on “Can Spam Survive in a Social Media World?”
August 5 – Adam Pierno(@apierno) on “Just Being There is Not Enough”
August 6 – Chris Sietsema(@sietsema) on “Social Media and Lead Generation – Can They Coalesce?”

If you have a second, you could also give me a quick review on Scribnia while I’m out. I’d appreciate it.

Live from Denmark: My Webinar on Social Media Strategic Planning

On July 30 at noon eastern, I’ll be conducting a MarketingProfs Webinar on social media strategy. It’s Part 2 of the 8-part Summer of Social Media series cooked up by Ann Handley and me. Not sure how I got scheduled so that I have to follow Charlene Li (the godmother of social media and a REALLY tough act to follow), who kicked it off on July 16, but you have to grab a bat when it’s your turn to hit.

If you click this link, or the graphic to the right, you’ll save $25 (10%).

Other participants in the Summer of Social Media series include Chris Brogan, Amber Naslund, Beth Harte, Brian Solis, CC Chapman, and John Gerzema. I’m biased, but I sincerely believe you could travel around the country and eat yourself sick on conference-supplied chicken lunches and not experience a more potent lineup of social media insights.

And, the whole shebang is only $249, which also includes year-long access to all of MarketingProfs‘ premium content (it’s good), and their entire catalog of previously recorded Webinars on dozens of important marketing topics. It’s a ridiculous deal. Frankly, it makes a terrible gift, but it you’re hell-bent on getting serious about social media and advanced marketing shenanigans, you might want to consider giving it a go.

If you do, please use this link so I get credit for it, and you save 10%. I don’t get a commission or anything, but MarketingProfs is a client, and I have to earn my keep. Flying to Denmark isn’t cheap.

Sincere thanks to every client, reader, friend and advocate who support my work on this blog, and as a consultant and trainer. To do this for a living is a privilege – one that you enable. Please support the guest bloggers and give them some comment love. I’d appreciate it, and so will they.

See you soon.

(photo by Foxtongue)

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