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To celebrate its 10th Anniversary, PR Week has launched a “Best PR Blogs” contest with YOU the agency community as the judge and jury.

PR Week nominated 16 well-known PR blogs, and asked each blogger to nominate another blog for the contest. The result is a 32-blog, March Madness-style blog off.

Each week, blogs are pitted head-to-head and the field is narrowed until a grand champion is crowned.

Voting couldn’t be easier. Just click. That’s it. Technology from enables it, and prevents you nefarious PR types from voting 2,132 times for your friends.

There are several solid blogs in contention. My personal favorite among them is Todd Defren’s PR Squared – but that may be because I’m more familiar with him via Twitter.

Any predictions for winners? Other blogs that should have been considered?

Vote here now


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