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10 Social Media Pros Pick Their Favorite iPad Case

Given the extraordinary buffet of technology and tech-related options and alternatives available to us, it fascinates me to learn what people I know and trust use on a day-to-day basis.

In this, the debut edition of What The Pros Use, I polled a group of social business and content geniuses to determine what they use to swaddle their iPads. The fact that I didn’t consider for even a nanosecond that any of these folks wouldn’t have an iPad is an interesting circumstance too.

David Armano (@armano)
Executive Vice President, Edelman Digital

David uses the original Apple rubber case for iPad version 1.

“It keeps it as thin as possible, and has a great grip.”

Jay Baer (@jaybaer)
President, Convince & Convert

Case Simple | Case SimpleApple Smart Cover for iPad 2, but I ensconce the entire thing in the Case SIMPL sleeve. I love Case SIMPL because it turns your iPad (or laptop) sleeve into a mobile office. Room for business cards, a notebook, pens, iPod, and a bunch of other stuff, but still in a small size with meaningful protection. Also, made in Chicago, which is nice.

(Note, Case SIMPL sent me some free samples, so I’m giving away 2 laptop cases and 2 Kindle cases randomly to people that tweet this post.)

Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan)
Founder, Human Business Works

Apple Smart CoverChris also uses the Apple magnetic Smart Cover for iPad 2, but is not terribly enthusiastic about that choice.

“I’m using that stupid expensive magnetic lid case for no good reason.”

Brian Clark (@copyblogger)
President, Copyblogger Media

Brian also uses the iPad 2 smart cover, but is branching out with a bluetooth keyboard.

“I just got a Bluetooth keyboard/cover from Brookstone that turns the iPad into a netbook-like device for writing on planes, etc.”

CC Chapman (@cc_chapman)
Raconteur, Co-author Content Rules

Like David Armano, CC uses iPad 1 and the original rubber case, due in particular to its easy folding for typing purposes.

“It doesn’t add much weight. I always looked for a softer leather one, and could never find one.”

Nicole D’Alonzo (@NikisNotes)
Social Media Manager, Porter Novelli

Niki also uses the iPad 2 smart cover, but may be the only person I’ve spoken with who actually likes it a lot.

“The slim design folds nicely to prop-up my iPad while I’m typing or watching videos. It doesn’t insulate the back of the iPad 2, I manage that by slipping it into my laptop sleeve.”

Jason Falls (@jasonfalls)
President, Social Media Explorer


This is not Jason Falls.

Always supporting the local angle, Jason uses the ModulrCase manufactured in Louisville. It’s a multi-functional case that even includes a refrigerator magnet mount!

“You can clip it into a table-top stand, a shoulder strap, a wall mount, and more. The plastic case protects it but it doesn’t add a lot of weight or bulk. I wouldn’t use anything else, and frankly love the hell out of it.”

Ann Handley (@marketingprofs)
Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

DODOcase for iPad2

This is not Ann Handley in repose

A recently purchaser of the iPad 2, exacting Ann has been pondering her case options. After eschewing the Smart Cover and several other candidates, she settled on the DODO Case.

“It’s light, functional, somewhat protective, stylish, and not that pricey (Bonus)!”

Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra)
Vice President, Radian6

Book Jacket Select for iPad 2 by IncaseRoad warrior Amber swears by the Go In Case, which offers multiple integrated screen positions.

“It handles multiple positions with stability, protects it when I drop it (because I do that often enough for it to matter), and in my full-to-bursting laptop bag, can travel in a suitcase without getting crushed.”

Scott Stratten (@unmarketing)
Author, UnMarketing

Scott uses the iPad 2 Smart Cover, but recognizes it may not be a 100% solution.

“It increases my coolness factor by 20%. I like how it turns the iPad off, and it’s thin for easy packing. But, it can slide off when I take it out of my carry-on, and offers really no protection, since it’s just a flap.”

There you have it. What the Pros Use: iPad cases. Lots of market penetration for the smart cover, but not a lot of love for it, really. Several other interesting options to consider.

(Don’t forget that I’m giving away laptop and Kindle cases randomly to people that tweet this post, courtesy of Case SIMPL).

What do you use for your iPad?

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  1. kanti.kumar says

    I use Targus Versavu Cover & Stand (, which gives a solid grip and cover to the iPad, and protects it very well, without obstructing the iPad’s front face. I also like that unlike other covers, it is not conspicuously hi-tech: looks like a traditional leather-bound diary from the front, which is what I prefer. The best is you can turn the iPad within the cover 360 degree and can stand it up at 2 different positions for viewing/reading. The only thing I miss in this cover is a pocket for the stylus… I stopped using the Smart Cover as I don’t mind switching off/on my iPad manually.

    • says

      @kanti.kumar It’s so funny about the Smart Cover in that it seemed so awesome – for about a month. And then you start thinking “you know, this is sort of lame.”

      • kanti.kumar says

        It’s one of the rare products that Apple will not be proud of… it’s cute and clever, but scores poorly on user-friendliness, which is their hallmark…

    • says

      @kanti.kumar Can turn it from inside the cover? I need to check that out. Yeah on the Smart Cover, I don’t see what the big deal is on the auto on/off. I never turned mine off when I had iPad 1 anyways.

      • kanti.kumar says

        @JayBaer Hi Jay, yes, the Targus cover allows you to turn the iPad when it’s inside (but the front cover open or folded back) so you can position it vertically. And the iPad on/off button is accessible all the time, so I just close the cover and then press the off button.

  2. debng says

    I’m using the Zagg case with built in bluetooth keyboard for my iPad2. Originally, I had a Book Book case and I believe you remember the shattered glass results. I was able to get a refund and now I have a case that is protective and functional.

    • says

      @debng Yes indeed. I love the look of the Book Book, and had one for my laptop. It adds quite a bit of size to the whole deal, however, and I couldn’t fit it in my messenger bag. I still have it though. I should give that away too.

  3. laurenamcmullen says

    I use the iLuv Professional Case with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard which I bought on Amazon for ~ $50.00. I love the keyboard and how it protects the ipad but the down side was there were no directions so it took a while to figure out how to even turn it on.

  4. superdumb says

    I have a smart cover that my 4 year old has rendered linty and wobbly but I do like the Mophie casemate that at least snaps the stupid thing out of the way. Not ideal, by any means.

  5. douglaskarr says

    It’s my client, but I absolutely love the SofShell from @sofshell – it’s got a tacky durable cover that doesn’t slip, is easy to clean, and is softer than most.

  6. dave.traynor says

    I have an iPad 1, surrounded by the original Apple case and teamed up with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, which has its own Origami case. A great, portable writing solution.

  7. bgindra says

    I love my orange iPad Smart cover. I hate wrapping beautifully designed Apple products in bulk. It defeats what Jobs set out to create, doesn’t it? But when I travel for business and need to use the iPad more seriously, I bring along my Zagg with Bluetooth keyboard. It gets the job done.

  8. OnlineBusinesVA says

    This is such a cool idea and thanks for sharing the info on some people whom I follow and would know what they like or dislike…

  9. says

    @JayBaer | Hi Jay,

    first of all, thank you so much always about your useful articles. Introducing Jason Falls, isn’t he the President of Social Media Explorer? :-)Have a nice day and best regards!Giuseppe

  10. natmich says

    Wow, sweet set of options. I think I’d go with Amber’s choice. Though the refrigerator magnet one is pretty cool too ๐Ÿ˜€

    • alohanico says

      I use the same one from Incase (it’s a convertible book jacket), though it’s a big bulky, and I usually end up taking it off when it’s not in transit. But I’ve been considering something more low-profile like their Magazine Jacket or Apple’s original case once again.

  11. says

    I’m surprised how many use the original iPad case. I agree, it’s always looked like the slimmest most functional case. I just never liked how it felt holding an iPad with a case. I will admit though, I love the DodoCase. Even though it makes the iPad more bulky, I sometimes use that for aesthetics alone :-P.

  12. redpaperclip says

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, the @Dodocase is the most useful writer’s aidโ€”well, next to the iPad, that is! I’ve won contracts because of its sheer radness.

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