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WEBININE: All About Reddit

In this webinine, or short form webinar lasting around nine minutes, we explore Reddit, a social news sharing site with a loyal community and growing following. Topics discussed include:

  • Brief history of Reddit
  • Reddit demographics
  • Subreddits (or categories)
  • Upvotes & Karma
  • Reddit User Pages
  • Common Acronyms within the Community
  • Ask Me Anything Sessions
  • Reddit Content Submission Tips
  • Reddit Advertising

What did we miss? Let us know if you have anything to add or ask questions in the comments below.

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  1. says

    Interesting you guys talking about reddit… definitely an interesting site. I’ve been a member for a loooong time now. Cool community and definitely some interesting subreddits if you dig enough :)

    • sietsema says

      chuckreynolds Thanks, Chuck.  Clients started to ask more about it so we respond. :)  There was a good comment on Twitter earlier today from @steve_watt1 who noted that marketers should be careful as overt promotions, etc will be rejected as spam by the reddit community.  I’d definitely agree with that.  As a long time user, do you have other tips/insight re: reddit?Take care. We’ll have to get a beer at BOLO next week

  2. ahr19 says

    Great insight and review of reddit. I am learning more about it as more clients are asking. Any other best practices out there?

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