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Building Your Business With Internal Collaboration

The Collaborative Organization

Video production by my friends at Candidio. Fast, inexpensive, great service. (Abbreviated transcript below. Please watch video for entire interview.) Jay: Hey everybody, it’s Jay Baer from Convince & Convert. Joined today by a very special guest, Jacob Morgan, author of the book you see right there, “The Collaborative Organization,” and also the CEO, Founder, […]

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Accelerate the Convergence of Social, Search, and Content

Accelerate!_ Move Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing

This is my video interview with Arnie Kuenn about his excellent new book Accelerate. It’s a playbook for integrating your social media, search, and content marketing. I wrote the forward for the book. Video production, editing, titling by my friends at Candidio. If you need your raw video footage tidied up good, fast, reasonably priced, […]

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How to Market to People Not Like You

how to market to people not like you

Sometimes business success isn’t about changing the message, but rather changing the market. That’s the premise of the new book How to Market to People Not Like You: “Know It or Blow It” Rules for Reaching Diverse Customers(amazon link), written by my friend Kelly McDonald. Bursting with fascinating anecdotes, sound advice, and interesting facts about […]

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The New Small – How Technology Levels the Playing Field

The New Small

Phil Simon is a technology cupid. Whatever your company’s issues or objectives, he can recommend the optimal platform, rollout strategy, and operational considerations. In his work as a tech consultant, he’s realized the days of “big iron” – solving problems with huge, expensive systems are gone. Now, it’s the nimble, inexpensive technology that rules. So […]

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Threadless Shares 10 Years of Insights and Inspiration

Threadless book

Threadless – everyone’s favorite T-shirt purveyor and example of crowdsourcing and customer community success – recently published a terrific 10th anniversary book that combines company history with dozens of its best designs. It makes for very interesting reading, and the production values and design elements make it a suitable coffee table book, and an excellent […]