It’s Time to Own Your Social Community

It's Time to Own Your Social Community

Companies used to own social community. Then, they embraced social sharecropping and engagement with customers in leased social communities (like Facebook). It’s time to own again says Jay Baer.


Winning the Marketing Battle Between Help and Hype


In almost every presentation I work up, there is one line that invariably finds its way onto a slide: “Adding value through the timely publishing of useful content is the best way to generate goodwill in the communities you operate in.” A blogger who I really respect a lot, Jay Baer, has just published a […]

Why 4.5 Million TV Lovers Voluntarily Became Zombies

Kenny Miller, KMco

Kenny Miller, CEO of KMco, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss his smash hit app Dead Yourself, the success of content engagement with a platform that customizes photographs, and how to empower consumers with creativity while giving them a safety net so they can’t fail. Read on for some of the highlights […]

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The Five Reasons Why Most Facebook Brand Pages Aren’t True Communities


Jessica Malnik is a PR/marketing coordinator, social media specialist, videographer and an avid blogger. Visit her blog for social media, technology, public relations and marketing ramblings. What are the defining characteristics of a community? It’s a topic I’ve been pondering more and more lately. Is it about geography, common interests, socio-economic similarities, or similar viewpoints? […]

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6 Degrees of Influence – The Value of Customer-to-Customer Connections


Guest post by Yael Davidowitz-Neu, a Sales Strategy Analyst at Google responsible for analyzing consumer behavior, search trends and market dynamics.  She is deeply curious, loves all things marketing and blogs less frequently than she would like at While many businesses are excited about opportunities to reach their customers on the social web, few […]