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Your ESP has ESP – Use It

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Is there a marketing medium in history as routinely underutilized as email? Not in terms of volume – few folks outside prison are clamoring for more messages in their inbox. But in terms of using the full capabilities of the medium, the vast majority of email marketers are just scratching the surface, and I don’t […]

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Email Marketing – What Do You Want to Know?


I’m happy to announce that I’ve been elected to co-chair the Consumer Education Roundtable for the Email Experience Council.  The EEC is the global professional association for email marketers, striving to enhance the image of email as a tactic while advocating its importance for business. In partnership with the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), EEC also […]

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4 Rules for Good Email Design in a Cynical World


Email is the most popular (and by many counts, the most successful) of all online marketing channels, but it’s role and best practices are changing dramatically and rapidly. The excellent David Daniels, analyst for JupiterMedia (recently purchased by Forrester) wrote a report in July on “The Social and Portable Inbox” that underscores how the game […]


5 Rules for Safely Using the Awesome Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing rocks. Originally maligned as invasive and offensive, email is now the leading interactive marketing technique. Why has it become so popular? Why will billions of promotional email messages be sent out this month? Three reasons: – The precipitous drop-off in effectiveness of banner ads forced interactive marketers to try more email campaigns. – […]