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Why Facebook Should Stop Judging Content Quality

Facebook Memes

TechCrunch put an article out on August 23, 2013 reporting that Facebook will soon begin to punish “LOLCats-style memes” in the Facebook newsfeed. Facebook believes memes are low quality, but did not explain why, and I completely disagree. This post is entirely my opinion. Facebook Shouldn’t Be Judging Content Quality This action is a huge […]

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Is Your Company More Interesting Than My Wife?

Erin The Cheerleader From Barrhead! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

If you’re going to succeed on Facebook, you don’t just have to be more interesting than other companies, you have to be more interesting than my friends and relatives. Are you prepared for that? My friend Jeff Widman runs BrandGlue, a consultancy that helps companies better manage their Facebook fan pages. He told me recently […]