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How to Treat Your Bloggers Like Rock Stars


Yesterday, I discussed the power of blogger outreach and how Char-Broil does an exemplary job with mutually beneficial connections. In order to achieve and implement these crucial relationships like Char-Broil does, it’s important to understand exactly what makes for a successful relationship with the bloggers who move your brand forward. The writer in me loves […]

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Why Online Influencer Outreach is Overrated and How to Fix It

online influencer outreach is overrated

Trying to convince online influencers to tweet, blog, instagram, or pin nice things about your company is the post-modern version of celebrity endorsement, but with less impact. Public relations firms and/or in-house communication apparatchiks take the same concepts and mechanics of celebrity endorsement and bring them online, using Klout scores in lieu of celebrity Q scores, and blogger […]

Social Pros 8 – Ian Greenleigh of Bazaarvoice

This is Episode 8 of the Social Pros Podcast : Real People Doing Real Work in Social Media. This episode features Ian Greenleigh, the Manager of Content and Social Strategy for Bazaarvoice. Read on for insights from Ian,, and Eric’s Social Media Stat of the Week (this week: an UNstat!). Listen Now Click the play […]

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Breaking Out of Social Disclosure Jail With CMP.LY a simple solution for required social media disclosures

It’s been about 15 months since those crazy kids at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) passed their new disclosure guidelines to “protect the public” from inappropriately cozy business relationships being companies and bloggers, tweeters, Facebookers and more. Since then, we’ve been expecting a steady procession of corporate marketers being led to the virtual stockade, given […]

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Why Influence Mining is the Next Gold Rush

Influence Mining

Inherently, we understand influence. It’s in our DNA. We know that a grizzly bear has a marked impact on its surroundings, and can change behavior in ways that even the fiercest badger cannot. The tsunami of data being created, collected and parsed every second of every day now makes influence identification instantaneous, and possible from […]