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Blogger Outreach Changes the PR Timeline Forever


PR behemoth Ketchum (the PR agency of record for ConAgra) caught it’s foot in a bear trap of its own manufacture recently, when it thunk up and perpetrated a bait and switch blogger outreach program. Evidently, Ketchum invited a group of bloggers to a restaurant in NYC, where they would enjoy a “delicious four-course meal”, […]

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Breaking Out of Social Disclosure Jail With CMP.LY a simple solution for required social media disclosures

It’s been about 15 months since those crazy kids at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) passed their new disclosure guidelines to “protect the public” from inappropriately cozy business relationships being companies and bloggers, tweeters, Facebookers and more. Since then, we’ve been expecting a steady procession of corporate marketers being led to the virtual stockade, given […]

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The 7 New Roles Agencies Must Play to Survive Real-Time Business


Change is all around us, in many shapes and guises. Yet the nucleus of most of the shifts that have us feeling like we’re in a transformational maelstrom is speed. Everything happens faster now. Awareness can be captured more quickly than ever before. Sales can be closed instantly online. Customer service issues can be resolved […]

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The 8 Wrong Questions PR Firms Are Asking About Social Media

The enthusiasm about social media among public relations professionals is rampant, and encouraging. Wanting to be at the center of a new way to communicate to customers and prospects is a worthy objective. But, under pressure from digital and advertising agencies each looking to be the driver of the social media express, PR firms are […]

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Why the Digital Divide is Death to Your PR Firm

digital divide

Guest post by Elizabeth Sosnow, Managing Director of BlissPR, a New York City based public relations firm. She develops and supervises strategic communications programs for major companies in professional and financial services, with a particular emphasis on the legal, consulting and insurance industries. I recently had lunch with an old colleague who now works for […]

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What BP Can Learn from Umpire Jim Joyce

jim joyce

We don’t ask for much, really. We may be the least vindictive, grudge-holding society ever. For the most part, we’ve forgiven Tyson, Clinton, Nixon (my father-in-law is still a hater), Tylenol and about 63,157 other transgressions. We’ll forgive Roger Clemens. We’ll be okay eventually with Mel Gibson. Same thing with Marion Jones. And Tiger. But […]

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6 Critical Services Agencies Must Provide to Stay Relevant in Social Media

6 critical agency services

Is there a future for agencies in a social media world? Yesterday, I gave a presentation in Tempe, AZ to Agencyside, a conference of advertising and PR agency owners. I emphasized that to remain relevant, agencies must differentiate themselves by providing advanced social media services, not just the basics. An Enormous Opportunity The huge (and […]