How to Manage 19 Social Media Channels

Social Pros Podcast with Dave Murray

Dave Murray, Social Media Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss integrating social media marketing with traditional marketing, how his team manages content for 19 different social media channels, and personalizing what can otherwise be a monolithic or unknowable company.

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Use SEO to Improve Your Social Media Listening


Listen! It’s the first commandment of every social media program. Pay attention. Find out who is talking about you, in what capacity, and where. It makes sense. You can’t use social media as the new telephone unless you know how to get a dial tone first. But almost every company I come across could and […]

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70% of Companies Ignore Customer Complaints on Twitter

social telephone

Do you have your copy of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype? Visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble to get your copy now! Despite increasing numbers of customers using Twitter to publicly complain about brands, the vast majority of companies respond in the exact same way….with the quiet of contempt. New research […]

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6 Parts of Your Company That Should be Listening to Social Conversations

listen man

“Once upon a time, customer contact was centralized around the switchboard, and the phone was the preferred method for communication between companies and customers. When it rang, you answered, because it was likely a customer or a potential customer on the other end of the line. Now, the calls are coming through online, via the […]

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3 Key Roles to Make Your Social Team Scalable

3 Key Roles to Make Your Social Team Scalable

One of the continuous discussions and questions surfacing in the social media chatterbox is that of “who owns social media?” Is it marketing? Public relations (PR)? Customer service? The answer is . . . yes. For the long-term, anyway. You’re not likely at the point yet where you have social media wired into everything. Right […]

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3 Reasons To Dig Deeper In Social Listening

Connie Bensen

Guest post by Connie Bensen, the Director of Community Strategy and Social Media at Alterian, which provides leading marketing products for the enterprise. She also blogs at Brands have realized that social networks offer an opportunity to interact directly with consumers. They create pockets of communities where like-minded people share information and seek advice. […]

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Social Listening and Analysis for the DIY Inclined


If you are conducting any level of online reputation management or campaign tracking using social media data sources, you have to get beyond the obvious. The point of tracking software isn’t to determine how many tweets were sent mentioning a company, it’s to figure out what those tweets say, and what the business ramifications are. […]

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Can Social Media and Lead Generation Coalesce?


By now, we all know that social media is a fantastic tool for gauging the audience and communicating with previous and current customers. But, can it also be used to lure in new customers? Can social media marketing be paired with other lead generation tactics to create new business opportunities? My initial response was, ”mmh, […]

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Use Online Listening for Competitive Research

market research

Guest post by Mike Corak (@mikecorak) who oversees strategic planning, Web development, and marketing services for Tempe, Arizona integrated agency Off Madison Ave. Are your customers telling you everything you need to know to improve the bottom line? Conducting primary market research and audience research, and purchasing secondary studies are fundamental ways communicators inform and […]